Press Release

Interview by News Magazine Taeby september 27, 2019 with Jan Roostal, participant in the Master Key MKMMA course which started in september 2018. This was Jans third course, the first one was in 2016/2017.

I meet Jan for an interview in his cosy home, an apartment in Taeby. We sit in the living room with large windows viewing the beautiful garden with large trees. Jan serves organic fair trade label coffee and his home made organic, gluten free apple cake. On the table a beautiful bouquet of cut flowers.

On a barely audible volume the stereo is playing Deepak Chopras Vata Music, produced by Brent BecVar. The atmosphere is soothing, a fresh autumn breeze can be sensed trough the balcony door, which is ajar.


I ask Jan how he got in contact with the Master Key. Jan has for many years had a great interest in different programs for personal development. It all started about 33 years ago when Jan got treatment for his alcoholism and then joined the 12-step movement. Jan still visits AA-meetings. Theese experiences contributed to Jans increasing fascination for health, wholeness, spiritual growth and prosperity consciousness.

But still something was missing, the final clue for success and manifestation of inner power and talents.

Jans napratath and friend Claes sent him information by e-mail on the MKMMA, Master Key, Master Mind Alliance, may be one or two years earlier. Jan was going to read it ”later”… But by coincidence he spoke to his friend just days before the Master Key course started end of september 2016. Jan was so fascinated by what Claes told him about Master Key and especially by the PIF, the Pay It Forward system, so he decided to register for the course. But Jan got a bad start. This was an old pattern as long as he can remember, the old ”blueprint”. The plan was to catch up, but Jan never really did. Hid did a lot of the readings, but never really got all the stuff done in his DMP, Definite Major Purpose a goal plan. But second MK was a better, but not good.

Jan was a ”wage slave” in a finance company for 19 years. In 2005 he finally made up his mind, now or never, to stay in the illusion of security or take the risk and the opportunity to grow and prosper, financially and as a person. Jan decided finally to quit his job.

I se a spark in Jans eyes when he tells me about the ”magic years”In his life, the years from 1999 to 2008. In 1999 Jan became certified as an instructor in Dr Deepak Chopras meditation technique Primordial Sound Meditation. During the years to come, he experienced a series of fantastic synchronicities.
Since ten years Jan runs a business together with a young engineer who’s mother was Jans student in Primordial Sound Meditation. Jan says this entrepreneurship has been a fascinating journey. His business partner has developed their product, websites for corporate world, in an amazing way and they today have prestigious customers, some of them leaders in their industry. But due to a serious lack of self discipline concerning prospecting of new customers and doing sales work, instead of being wealthy Jan has struggled financially.

Jan tells me about his inner demons, procrastination, laziness, addictive behaviors like watching teve and Facebook surfing and the worst, bad sleeping habits, contributing to IBS and inability to master OCD.  Jan mentions Og Mandinos famous book ”The Greatest Salesman in the world” which is an important part of the Master Key course. Jan quotes ”Bad habits are the unlocked door to failure” and ”Good habits are the key to all success”:

Jan says his ”demons” have plagued him since he was a teenager.

For many years Jan has felt a frustration, on his inability to manifest his may be greatest talent, writing, but now…


What is the Master Key about? Jan explains that the MK is based on the works of Napoelon Hill, which in turn are base on Haanels writing and he says it is about reprogramming your subconscious mind, or changing the ”blueprint”. What is being said and taught in this course, about how to make progress in life, instead of failing, a lot of the knowledge presented was not new to Jan. But never had he seen it put togehter in such a powerful program for reprogramming the subconscious mind. The Master Key also has the explanation to why so many people take different courses, read books, go to seminars, get coaching but never seem to get it.


This, third time, Jan decided to have a good course start, by that braking a bad pattern, that this was really going to help him master his self destructive habits and change his life. He quit tv and Facebook or at least reduced the time spent on meaningless surfing on tv and internet by large. All his life his sleeping habits had been disastrous, going to bed to late, often after midnight and often sleeping only six hours or less. The Master Key, made him write a plan for his goals in life. This plan Jan had to read several times daily. The plan included all the changes he wished would manifest in his life.
One of the tuffest challenges was to master bad sleeping habits, almost two months of the course hade passed, until Jan finally managed to go to bed at latest 10 pm and get up 5.30 am, at least four days a week. This was during third round on MK. The first and second time he never made it.

These healty sleeping patterns combined with not eating late in evening freed Jan from most symptoms of his IBS and he no longer needs any medication for it. He had always understood, that better sleeping and living habits would have a dramatic impact on his well being and level of productivity, but earlier he never managed to master these self sabotaging habits. For the website company, his goal for sales for 2019 is 2.000.000 SEK, which was an almost unbelievable high goal, but now in september, Jan and his business partner have made 1,6 million SEK in sales.

Jan has inceased his loans on the apartment and has been able to pay off all personal debts and short term expensive loans.

He has also expanded his meditation teachings through marketing courses to the corporate world. The courses are still a minor part of Jans business but it is really expanding. As he is being successful in his business Jan has again started to do his lectures on prosperity consciousness. This is also a part of his Dharma, teaching a spiritual perspective on money.

In august 2017 Jan finally made it to do his recertification as a meditation teacher, by participating at the Journey into Healing seminar with Dr Deepak Chopra in La Costa resort and Spa in Carlsbad/San Diego. It was an amazing experience, Jan says. Deepaks teachings are magical and the energy at these seminars, it is very inspiring. The lecturers, most of them doctors did very interesting talks. Some of them having a wonderful humor and skills lik a stand up comedian. Jan had missed these seminars so much and now he will be able to do them every year. I again see that spark in Jans eyes, the enthusiasm and joy for living.

In march Jans bok ”My mother came back – about God, love and Tactile Stimulation” was published. Jans 95 year old mother was very sick in march 2018 almost dying in pneumonia at a geriatric clinic. After the pneumonia was cured Jans mother could not drink and eat enough, but the doctor refused to continue with intravenous nutrition. Instead she was sent to palliative care and would have died in two days, had Jan not gone to the doctor at that hospital and told her about swedish law. Jans mother now lives in a retirement hom and had totally recovered. Jan is right now marketing his book and has been interviewed by Swedish National Televsion in a program called ”Fråga doktorn”. This program will be broadcasted in november. All revenue from the book will be used to start a fund for elderly people who stay in hospital and can’t afford treatment with Tactile Stimulation, they can have their treatment paid.

In march 2019 Jan had an amazing birthday party. He hired a karaoke machine and some of the musicians from the choir he sings with. Jan sang Roy Orbisons hit ”You got it” and ”Always on my mind” by Elvis Presley and of course also ”My way” which he sang at his 50th birthday party. Together with the muscicians the guests also sang some other well known songs, accompanied by the ”band”. The guests were served the most delicious vegetarian dishes and desserts. It was the best (birthday-) party I have ever had and I am sure, neither me or anyone of the guests will forget it, as long as they walk on earth, says Jan.
This party was to celebrate my being born as a new man, a sucessful person, says Jan, happier than ever, as described in The Greatest Salesman in the World. Jan tells me they read this book and its ”scrolls” over and over again, during the Master Key.

In april 2019 Jan took his old mother on a trip to Vienna to meet her dearest friends, from the years the family stayed in Zürich in Switzerland, as Jan was a child. Jans father died in 2007 and this woman is one of few friends still alive. She is Jans mothers best friend. Jan had to persuade his mother, she was making all kind of excuses not to make the trip. This journey was the best and most meaningful gift Jan had ever given to his dear mother. Had he not done it, he would have regretted it the rest of his life. To meet these dear friend and feel the love between them and my mother and the joy, Jan says, he can’t find the words for it. He is so gratetful, having had this opportunity. Thank you God, is a prayer often used by Jan.

In august 2019 Jan and his best friend participated in Brendon Burchards seminar ”Experts Academy” in USA. This is the most inspiring seminar Jan has ever experienced. Jan and his friend also made new friends and interesting business contacts at the seminar. To share this expericence with my best friend, was so good, says Jan.

Currently Jan is writing a book: ”Meditation – the path to wholness and holyness”. The most important aspect of the book is Jans intention to influence the collective consciousness, to be a part of the awakening, says Jan. He says that the book also will be a very potent tools for marketing his meditation courses and by that manifesting his Dharma, sanskrit for purpose in life. Jan is currently finishing an other book ”From failure to success – trough Master Key”. This book is about conquering his biggest challenges, mastering self sabotaging habits.

Jan says that in his spare time he usually reads books, instead of watching tv or surfing on the net/Facebook. He is a much more ”social person”, he meets/speaks to his friends more often and he much more often invites guests to his lovely appartement. Finally he has had his bathroom renovated to a luxury standard.

But now he will soon sell his apartment and move to a four room apartment, close to a forest and very close to Täby Centrum. He will have one room specially for his mother to visit.

Jan is currently dating a younger woman, mother of two children, which may be will become a serious relationship.

Anyhow, Jan says that this last year, has been the most exciting and fullfilling part of his life ever. Jan is so grateful to Master Key, his MK guide and the people behind the program, who gave him the tools to conquer his worst enemy, his self, or ego and manifest his true potential and deepest desires, Jan is so grateful.

Jan is also proud, that he finally made the effort necessary to change his life and greatful to the Creator, for giving him this life, this experience in space and time on the wonderful magnificent planet which is our home. Jan will do all he can, to tell other people the message of Master Key and the opportunity for true liberation, spiritual growth and manifesting our deepest inner desires. Not to mention, saving our beautiful planet.