Jan 27

Week17 ?

Now I am confused, I thought I was going to write a blog post for week 17, but that was last week. Are we in week 18 I thought, no that is the coming webinar. So how can it still be 17?

Any how The Master Key – Part Seventeen, that is some of the most amazing stuff I’ve ever read! This is really inspring, this is divine knowledge.

Today me and my business partner received and order confirmation, from our business meeting yesterday. Now we have made four sales in four meetings, that is just amazing! We just have to start producing, so we can invoice. Concerning my business I have started to do what I should do, make Gold calls (cold calls), book meetings and sell our product. But it can’t be just that, I think it is also the law of attraction working. My DMP makes me focus at least three times a day on my business goal.

I am becoming a great Salesmen! I keep this post short, it is bedtime 1.30 AM!


To be continued.

Jan 20

Week 17 – what did the MKE change so far?

What shall I write about in my blog post this week/today I thought. It is past midnight and the radio is playing ”Hotel California”.

My DMP goal for my main business is to make 20 gold calls (cold calls) each work day. Tuesday to friday the result has been 9, 5, 3 and today friday 13 calls. Going in the right direction. One of todays calls was to a very profitable company. The CEO was not very interested in our offer or booking a meeting. I asked him if he is aware of that their website needs to be upgraded. Yes, he said, but it is not the right time for us now. Is it okey if I call you again in six or twelve months, I asked. ”Yes, do that” he replied.

Many of my/our orders I/we have received in this way. I make a call to the CEO, but it is the wrong time. I call back saying; I am the guy calling every six months. Often the other person laughs and may be says; well you will have to call back again. Usually after about two years it is the right time. By now I an no longer a total stranger and it is easier to sell.

During the ten years since my business partner and I started the company I have struggled, my finances have been constantly very strained, with a one year exception. Today I thought, what if I had made ten times as many calls? Probably I would have had ten times as many business cases as the above mentioned. I would have been rich. Instead I have borrowed money from my business partner, my old mother and three of my friends. I have done this to avoid having to sell my apartment.

What did the Master Key Experience change so far?
Now we have made three sales on three customer visits and received one order for an upgrade. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, but I am under great pressure, will my business partner have the time to do his work so we can invoice the customers on time? That is to say so I can pay my bills.  I am aware of my self sabotaging habits and my intention is to expand my good habits. I am still off the teve, which is a miracle! But now, meeting the requirements of the MK I am writing this blog post and it is 1.50 AM. I usually go to the gym three times a week, but this week last time was monday, so I really felt the need to go there today. After training and dinner, it is to late again… My DMP goal for sleeping habits is go to bed 10 PM four days a week and get up 5.30 AM. Better sleeping habits would have a very positive impact on my IBS and probably also on my OCD behavior.
The sleeping habits are crucial. I really need to get them right, in tune with circadian rhythms. Also I have to start writing the book as said in my DMP. The date when the book will be ”published and/or written” is april 28, so I need to get going. I think my DMP is the right thing, i also mentions fun stuff, like registering for a weekend course in stand up in february. But that will be march if not we can invoice our customers soon.

I thought i would not have anything to write about today/this week. Having started I always want to do a good job.


Jan 11

Week 16 shift of energy

I’ve got a feeling…..as something really is happening, a change in my energy. My business partner and I visited a prospect on wednesday. After having done our presentation, the business owner said that she must talk to her husband (and business partner) before signing the order form. But then she decided to sign the form anyhow.

This was our third sale on three customer visits. We also received an order for an upgrade by one of our customers. Not long ago my business partner was ready to throw me out, or shut down the business. He does this part time, he also works in his mothers business, a larger company than ours.

Three sales on three meetings, that’s really a difference to not booking so many meetings at all and almost never sell anything.Tomorrow, friday, three meetings are booked for the MLM business I work with.

I am still off the television, other than a movie on Christmas eve and new years concert from Vienna, that is amazing.

Next thing is to adjust my sleeping habits.


Writing this blog post on thursday creating a new habit, avoid doing things at the last moment.



Jan 05

Week 15 – managing OCD

I started to work again yesterday, thursday afternoon making gold (cold) calls for my business. I went to the gym yesterday evening and unfortunately I was late in bed again, more than one hour past midnight, no good. But, I forced myself to get up early to work. In Sweden this day is only a half work day, the afternoon or a large part of it is ”holiday” (what is the correct english word? ”helgdag” in swedish).

Any how, this is a day that people who work with sales usually don’t make any calls, ”It’s now use, people are still on Christmas and new years holiday.” But these two days have been really, really good. I got in touch with several very interesting prospects and also re-booked a customer meeting, which was cancelled past summer! I never got hold of the owner on phone, but today!

My OCD is really a challenge for me. I don’t want to be a propagator of victimhood, that just is not productive. But the OCD challenges me all the time. Now I finished my work for today, unfortunately I wasted some time on Facebook also…but I had planned to vacuum clean my apartment, but now it is 20 minutes past 9 PM. So i decided to do the cleaning tomorrow and instead write my blog post now, publish it and do my readings, have no evening meal and go to bed, before 10 pm. I usually never succeed with that, but my DMP states, go to bed 10 pm four days a week.

As my friend Claes said, I am a bit to hard on myself. I think, this is week six without teve, the only exception was a movie on Christmas eve and the new years concert from Vienna. Other than that, no teve and that really is amazing, I should celebrate that!

The Franklin Makeover is a really interesting exercise, what I put my attention on I give energy and that will grow in my life. Now the readings and then I hope I will be in bed before 10 pm.

Dec 30

Week 14 after Christmas

The best thing with Christmas is that it is over, I never liked Christmas. I like the essence of it, but not what it has become. Wedding and Christmas celebration is getting more and more hysterical, but people have forgotten about the content, the cause of it.

Any how,  I am glad I don’t participate in the hysteria. It is week 14 in the Master Key experience. I am doing my reading of GS, DMP, cards and MK lesson, although, unfortunately often reading the MK very late in the evening and then the sit is a bit to short cause I don’t want to fall asleep. This weeks Master Key lesson is really inspiring!

I still have some catching up to do. My sleeping habits, are still not at all according to my DMP. That will change; I choose to change.

I watched a movie on Christmas eve, that is the only teve I watched in five weeks. I was a bit worried, after Christmas eve, but is has been no problem, not pushing the on-button.

I have just read GS, DMP and MK, now bed time. A good thing I remembered to write and publish this blog post and that the webinar this week is on saturday.



Dec 23

Week 13 – small magic stuff

After a hard gym training, late afternoon, I had a delicious dinner. Now I am enjoying a cup of Earl Grey and some chocolate with 70% cocoa.

As we are speaking, or more correct, as I am writing, I become aware of, that it has become a habit, writing a blog post once a week. Again, as said in GS, The Greatest Salesman, ”I form good habits and become their slave.” Soon it has become a habit for me, not to watch teve, I think it is actually my fifth week without watching teve at all, that is amazing!

These last two or three weeks, out of nowhere small magical things happen. It feels like a manifestation of my affirmation ”I am receptive to financial bonuses.” My supplier of Aloe Vera products gave me a christmas present, a ”goodiebag” of products. I had only bought products for 464 SEK and that was at a discount of 20%! The value of the goodiebag almost exceeded the value of purchased products!

A customer bought three books from me, some cash coming in. My best friend visited me in the weekend, I had to pick up some groceries, he said, that he had been my guest so many times, so he paid for all! When I was an employee at a finance company, me and some of the colleques did some betting on horses. I am still a member of the ”club”. We almost never win, but last week 800 SEK was paid to my bank account.

It is fascinating, I think, how am I attracting these things? Is it because I have been grateful? If I can attract wealth in small stuff, how can i scale it up?

I think the Master Key is an amazing program. But I am facing challenges, I am still not doing some of the things in my DMP, especially I have not succeeded in bettering my  sleeping habit, they are disastrous. I really MUST change that. It will probably almost cure my IBS and make my OCD more manageable.

I also should avoid the word MUST and use WANT TO or CHOOSE TO instead. ”I want to and am going to start my daily 15 minutes of writing my book.”

I have done some prospecting the last days and will do so between Christmas and new years eve. That is a good thing. Most salesmen have already given up, they have all the excuses not to make any calls. It is harder to get in touch with the decision-makers, but when you do, they are probably more relaxed and can spend some more time talking to a salesman.

Now it is two hours past midnight, bedtime!!

”I persist until I succeed.”




Dec 16

Week 12 – I see it when I believe it!

The other day I was on the phone speaking to my good friend Claes who also is a MK guide, but not my guide. I told Claes something about my business partners beliefs about me, that he would say ”I believe it when I see it.” about my performance.

I thought I said ”I believe it when I see it” but Claes made me aware of having said ”I SEE IT WHEN I BELIEVE IT”. That is Master Key, your re-programmed subconscious mind, Claes said and I believe him. I was astonished, wow!!!

A slip of my tongue by coincidence? Don’t think so, I think this was a deeply meaningful slip of my tongue.

I SEE IT WHEN I BELIEVE IT is a very powerful statement and also a universal law. Someone said that there is no truth only perception. Do you believe in God? Then you will se proof of Gods existence. You don’t believe in God? You will se proof of that also.

That is Master Key work, believe and you will see it. How do I believe? By reprogramming subby. By focusing on and giving energy to the reality I wish to manifest. ”Energy flow where attention goes”. Thoughts are things. Our thoughts create our reality.

Early this morning me and my business partner visited a prospect for a sales meeting. Late afternoon the company confirmed their order for a new homepage, our best sales ever for a single order, 69.000 SEK. Finally I am changing my course from failure to success. My business partner was almost ready to kick me out of the business, to shut it down, due to disastrously low sales volume. But now I am on the right track. First time I called this prospect to try to make an appointment for a sales meeting was in 2014. I persist until I succeed!

Dec 09

Week 11 – I will persist until I succeed!

This is probably my favorite scroll in ”The Greatest Salesman in the World” no III, ”I will persist until I succeed”, I just love the language, it is so ”juicy”, so electrifying, so inspiring and talking to my higher self. ”The slaughterhouse of failure is not my destiny.” Listen to that sentence, doesn’t it make every cell in your body wake up?

My sales in business the last year has been a disaster, almost zero. My business partner almost kicked my out. Yesterday, thursday morning we visited a prospect 7 AM in morning, in the other end of town. The owners of the successful, family owned, business told us that they wanted to think about our offer for a new homepage. Finally, at last, after many years, I started to practice what a salesman has got to do. I asked the right questions, as I have read in sales books for years! Anything else, but the price, that makes you unsecure, i asked. No, the owners replied. So I(we) started to negotiate. The owners told us the business is going to move houses which is going to cause huge costs. My business partner and I told the prospect that we could scale down our offer and by that give them a large discount. But they wanted more….

We asked, how much are you willing to pay, what is your limit? One of the owners said a sum. That is a bil low, I thought. My business partner looked at me and said; You decide! I thought for a while, then I said; It’s a deal!

The customer got a large discount, so we cut in our margins, but a quick decision saves time and TIME IS MONEY. Finally  I am practicing what is said in sales books We got the order! Finally I am on my way out of misery into success!

Not all days, not all time this week, but parts of it, I have been in a wonderful energy. This evening I also did a follow up, for a student on my course in meditation, a very, very, vary small part of my business.

I still have a lot of catching up to do in the MKE, so I better get it done this weekend.


To be continued!! I persist until I succeed!!!

I haven’t watched teve for four weeks!!!


Dec 02

Week 10 habits, all about habits

It has been a tough week, I missed som of my readings. A good thing is I choose a simple service this week, not so time consuming. I took down my flower boxes from my balcony to the basement storage facilities. On wednesday I got a phone call for registration for my meditation course. I haven’t been teaching for long, long time, so I became a little nervous. First lecture was yesterday, but I did well. Thanks to his I could pay the fee for my apartment. Thursday was a wonderful day, I was very productive, vacuum cleaned the apartment, cleaned the bathroom, fixed the flower boxes, fixed some errands at shopping mall and then did the course.

Yesterday evening I had some problems with my e-mail system. I should have let go, but I tried to fix it and got to bed three a clock in the morning, terrible. But i had a good afternoon at my business partners office. I really need to adjust my sleeping habits, and start to write my book, as said in my DMP.

I just did my MK reading, now the daily readings and then to bed. I did my service and blog post on time.

This was a really boring blog post, but I did it. The Universe and the subby don’t know the difference between big or small, but the difference between done or not done, and good or bad habits.


Nov 25

Week 9 still challenges

Yesterday on thursday I completed my service for this week, to clean out a kitchen cabinet. I noticed that it must have been ten years or more, since I cleaned out this cabinet, nice to throw away some of the stuff, It is amazing how easy it is to put things in a cabinet and create a clutter, why not throw stuff away immidiately . But now it is done and all is in very good order. Good too that I did it on time an now I am publishing this blog post on time!. That creates good habits!

I have been totally off television for tow weeks now, that is amazing.

I am doing my daily readings, but there are still two important things on my DMP, which are challenging me. My sleeping habits are not at all as said to be in the DMP, that just must be adjusted and I still haven’t started to write the book, 15 minutes a day. I don’t know what’s happening, I haven’t watched teve so I should have more time.

Today I have participated in a Millionaire Mind Intensive seminar, from friday to sunday, starts early and ends late, I don’t get much sleep I am exhausted, bed time now!

I was on time this morning, that is great, creating a good habit, as said in my DMP; I am always on time for appointments.


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