Dec 08

Week 11 – MKE – I will persist

I could have done better this week. The sleeping patterns/habits have been a little bit better, but need to improve! I did not do my service on time, it included writing a letter and invoicing my mothers retirement home, cause they destroyed her wool clothes when washing them. So I finished the service on tuesday/wednesday. But it felt good having done this, I have been thinking of this invoice for weeks, now it is done. So much stuff has been made, thanks to the service card! Things which otherwise would have been procrastinated.

Finally I got my password back on WordPress and can now comment other members blog posts, done!

I think of the compass, it is really a wonderful metaphor. It happens, I think ”I don’t have time”, but, if I would better my sleeping patterns, go to bed on time, I would be so much more effective, I ”would have time”.

I have written a list of things needed to be done this week. Much of it is not done yet, but it feels so good to be able to check of one task at a time, from the list.

I will be successful in my sales, but I affirm in present tense; ”I am successful in my sales”, ”I am a warrior, I get things done”.

It is a couple of minutes past mindnigh, so I can say I wrote and published this post on time. ”I form good habits and become their slave!”

This months scroll ”I will persist until I succeed”, is one of my favorite scrolls.

Now time to sleep and time for an AA meeeting tomorrow morning!


Nov 30

Week 10 – MKE – Keep up the work

End of work day, sitting in my business partners office. My plans were to go for a short visit at the retirement home where my mother lives (I do longer visits almost every day) and then an AA meeting in town. But my business partner and his colleques seeme never to finish, I need a lift. So I write my post now and I create the habit of being on time, even if it is a short one this time.

I needed to fix som financial problems this week, my tax payment. Finally I managed, by som family help/advance of inheritance I made it. I missed some of my readings this week. Yesterday, I shamefully must admit, I missed my Master Key reading. it was bedtime, and 1.40 am. My first impulse was, I really need to sleep, but then, I did the GS, BPB and DMP readings very loud and enthusiastically and the Guy in the glass in my bathroom. That felt good.

This weeks MK with the quadrant exercise really makes my confused. I think it is very easy, have I misunderstood something?

I need to catch up with some things on the index cards, but I do my weekly exercise every week, creating a habit of ”I always keep my promises.” Now I really need to better my sleeping habits, that is a must.

But I have come to the conclusion that there is no way back to my old life and old blueprint.


Nov 23

Week 9 – MKE – Compass or clock – Is your life a magnificent trip or path to retirement?

On previous MKE, last year, after the exercise not watching teve I stayed off the teve more or less, totally, for months or half a year. I am interested in politics, so during swedish elections in autumn, I started to watch the news again, but, beginning of september I thought, this is a bad habit, so I stopped watching totally. I have a lot of very interesting books in my home, but more than 90% I have not read. Why spend a lot of money on buying books and then not read them? Watching teve two hours a day, that is insane!

Now I do my MK exercises, I visit my dear mother on the retirement home every day for one or two hour. Then I work, in my home office (kitchen) or at my  business partners office. I do gym training three times a week, not much time left for relaxation. So in some aspects I still have a ”clock issue”, but……

I sleep well, but I never get to bed on time, it is often midnight, or 1 or 2 am. When I adjust that I will gain a lot in better health, energy and efficiency. My IBS and OCD will be much better. My DMP says, go to bed 10 pm and get up 5.30 am four days a week. It is really a mistery to me, why it is so hard for me to get rid of this disastrous habit.

About the clock and the compass, I would never say that ”I don’t have time for the MKE”. That would be an absurd statement, not having ”time” to be liberated from inner demons and self destrucive habits. Some of my friends say this, one of them is a heavy over eater, yet an other suffers from OCD and a lot of negative self talk.

My 95 year old mother, she has not made much of her life, so she suffers from anxiety and does complaining ”for a living”. She is so sweat, but her complaining drives me nuts sometimes. I don’t want to end up the same way as her, constantly blaming circumstances and other people.

So my only choice is to succeed with my MKE, do the exercises, fulfill my DMP, replace bad habits with good habits and make the most of the gifts the Creator so generously has given me.

When it is time for me to die, I want to say ”It was a magnificent trip, now let the next reincarnation be as well lived as this one!”

But maybe it’s also important to admit that I’m mourning my old self, the one who in the evening could sit down in the couche, just relaxing in front of the teve, or do some Facebook surfing, just being lazy. I can never go back to that. But to be honest, what you do, watching teve, is trying to get excitment, watching other people, whos lives are more exciting or prosperous than you own. It is living in a dream or fantasy, instead of creating an amazing life on your own.

The Creator has given us amazing gifts. If we were aware of how amazing creatures we are, we would be stunned!

Is your life a magnificent trip, or is it just s path to retirement?


It is almost lunch time. I am sitting in my business partners office. He is at home sleeping, they had a server crash, so he worked until 6.30 am. I am very greatful the new server is installed. I willl check comments, make comments on some other blogs. Then I need to get back to work and make my daily 20 ”Gold calls” (cold calls). My DMP says 20 calls, but I make 10 – 14, must improve today!

Nov 16

WEEK 8 – MKE – Vision board

In 2004 I listened to Randy Gages lecture on prosperity consciousness in Stockholm. I bought RandysProsperity Manifestation Map. I took my 14 years before I finally, thanks to the Maste Key Experience got it done, this week on tuesday evening. I skipped my choire singing to do that.

I felt such a tremendous satisfaction and I still to. I put the map in my kitchen (home office) on a cabinet door. I am so fascinated by the map, many times each day I watch the map and I will also fix it as a screen saver on my Mac and iPhone. A believe, as Randy also tells, that a vision board is very powerful.

The mental diet is not working very well, but I have became much more aware of choosing my thoughts. I still have to do my recordings, will get that done this weekend.

Did my laundry yesterday evening and I went to bed 1.45 am, not much sleep this week. But this last three days have been very productive. I feel I am on the right track.

There is a tremendous difference now on my self management. I very seldom waste any time. My business partner, his wife, mam and dad are all very powerful examples for me. I am so greatful for that, being able at no cost, to work at their office.

Nov 10

Week 7 – MKE – tuff times

I am a bit late with this blog post. I will do my recordings during sunday. Today my best friend will visit me. We have not met for a long time, except 12-step meetings. That will be very nice. Monday my dear mother got sick again, high fever, we suspected an infection and the staff at the retirement home sent her (together with me) in an ambulance to the hospital. I came home at 2 am. But thank God it was now infection, so she could leave the hospital on wednesday.

I am having a really tuff time. I need to do a lot of business very quickly, or else I will have to sell my apartment. So it is a struggle right now, ot focus on what I want, wealth, and not focus on what I don’t want, debt.

So I need a miracle, I will work on it. The seven day mental diet, not yet a great success. Yesterday my business partner yelled at me. I really had to us all ”spiritual methods” not to get stuck in thinking how I will get even.

Now, soon my friend will come. I will make a chocolat mousse for us and then my friend will pick me up in his car, we will buy some food, cook and then watch the amazing ”Peacful Warrior” one of the absolutely best movies I ever seen. Before everything I will pay a short visit to my mother, so she gets her walk in day light.

Nov 02

Week 6 – MKE – building a new blueprint

Today I have been working at my business partners office. I have made 14 gold calls (cold calls), should have been 20, but I am finally on the right way! Now it is 6 pm and I have just finished writing and printing all the shapes. I am very grateful that I could print them here on a high quality printer and not from my home office (kitchen) where may be the printer would have run out of ink.

Standing at the printer wating for my shapes to be printed, I suddenly felt a strong satisfaction. I am really doing this now, I have so far had the disciplin needed, I am really changing my life and creating a new blueprint. I am doing the WORK and I am so proud of myself.

Soon my business partner will give me a lift. I will stop by my dear mother on the retirement home for a short visit. When I am home again, I will read my Master Key and do the sit. Today I really need to go to bed early, my sleeping habits, or changing them is really crucial if I want to become sucessful and also get better and cured from my IBS.

Looking at the printed shapes I thougt, what a smart program they have created to form a new blueprint, it is really amazing!

okt 25

Week 5 – MKE – the power of action

This will be a very short post. It is 11.30 pm. Last night I got to bed 1.20 am. I have been working today at my business partners office. Then I visited my mother at the retirement home. Bought some groceries. Then i read my Master Key and did a very short sit, not to fall asleep. Now i have written my Press Release, but I used the one from previous MKE, and did some changes and I will do some re-writes, but the important thing here again is to do things as required, to keep my promises and also my affirmation from the DMP ”I am always on time for appointments.” To do things on time.

I have som really big challenges in my finances, a real turmoil, but I stay calm and focused on my goals and my action very well aware, that I will manifest that which I hold in my mind.

So I do not focus on debt, but on creating new affairs.

Now pack my rucksack with my gym training stuff and then to bed!

To be continued!



okt 19

Week 4 – MKE – moment of truth

I keep on doing all my exercises and readings. A couple of times I have felt a rush of enthusiasm trough my mind and system, but…

Long time bad behaviours catch me up. I can not understand what I have been doing for the last two years. The sales in my business has been disastrous, I have been surviving on loans for years. As i mentioned my mother was very sick earlier this year, I have spent a lot of time with her, but she is very well now. We sold her apartment and my brother and I had to get rid of all her stuff. So I had not done my income tax declaration, which should have been filen in february/march. So I did it now wednesday or finished at 3 am thursday morning. I will have to pay VAT and income tax about 50.000 SEK, money which I don’t have. So I really need some new orders in my business. We had to customer meetings booked for today, both were cancelled.

I have changed a lot of habits, but now I really need to do my 20 gold calls each day as mentioned in my DMP. Today I did 14 calls.

Then I need to get my sleeping habit according to my DMP, my IBS challenging me.


Now, visit my mother and then to the gym.

okt 12

Week 3 – MKE – the end of wasting time

Yesterday was a different day with an unparalleled efficiency. Daytime I worked at my business partners office. We finished at about 6 PM. He went to the gym and so gave me a lift to Täby Centrum. I visited my very dear old mother at her retirement home. I stayed there for about two hours. Then i bought some groceries and took a walk home. I did my readings and exercises, packed my backpack with gymwear, prepared my breakfast and then went to be at 11.10 PM.
This is amazing, I dit not waste a single minute of time on meaningless activities. Today, again a day at the office, visited my mother, then a short gym training and a walk home. I have had some sandwiches with sardines and ate porridge. Then i re-wrote my DMP and it really feels much more inspiring to read now. I have been processing my DMP re-write in my head all week, thinking, how shall I get this right? Finally it is done, let’s see what my guide has to say about it. His feedback has been really useful.

I am doing all my readings, oh gosh i still have to do my MK lesson and final GS and DMP before i get to bed and it is one hour past midnight here in Sweden. It will be very quick reads!

Funny, the last read of GS in the evening, gives me a special rush of energy.

okt 03

Week 2 – MKE – challenges…

I am in week 2 of my (third) Master Key Experience. This time I am doing a good start, doing all my readings and tasks. Writing this blog post on wednesday, well on time before deadline, is also establishing a good and new habit. Please note, I am watching my language here, not mentioning the negative things/habits by name and by that giving them power. The lesser my subby will hear the negativ stuff, the better.

By writing this post now I am also not giving in to perfection, thinking, I will write the post, when I have something really interesting to write about and enough to write. NO! I do it now, it don’t have to be perfect, it can be short. The important thing is establishing the new pattern, to do tasks well on time!

My biggest challenge is my sleeping habits. I have the goal in my DMP, get to bed att 10 pm and get up 5.30 am four days a week. I am far from that. But the important stuff is to do all the exercises properly. Then adjust my patterns for going to bed on time. I have also a challenge, a clock challenge, I often visit my old mother and help her with a lot of stuff. That takes a lot of time and energy, but I realize a family with small children, what challenges will they have?

No teve for me, Facebook is on a minimum and now I have to cut surfing on dating sites…. 🙂

Now back to work, I have half an hour to make gold calls. I will not reach my goal for today, twenty calls, but I am establishing a habit, a good habit, to make calls every work day. Yesterday I booked one customer meeting on five calls, that is great!

It is all about habits and patterns, or NLP!

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