sep 28

Week 1 MKE – It is all about habits

This is MKE 2018/2019 is my third, ”make or brake” for me. I must do the job att 100% this time. This first week I have not missed a reading and I have done all the requirements, may be the sits should be a little longer, I will adjust that.

Previous MKE we got the task not to watch teve for a week. I extended that to half a year. But I fell back to my old habits for a short while as I am very interested in politics and we just had an election in Sweden in september. But three/four days before the MKE start, i stopped watching teve, my ”facebooking” is almost down to zero, as other not work based activities on the internet.

My 95 year old dear mother was very ill in march but miraculously recovered and is now living in an retirement home. The doctors at the geriatric clinic tried to kill her, sending her to palliative care, refusing to give her intravenous nutrition and fluid, during recovery from pneumonia. But I went to the doctor at the palliative care and showed her a print of swedish law, so she gave my mother intravenous nutrition and now she does not need it any more. I have been spending almost two or three hours daily visiting her, taking her for walks and helping her with daily activities.

The good thing about this situation and the MKE is that I just can not spend any more time on self destructive habits. I am 62 years old and I just can not afford not to manifest the talents the Creator has given me. If I would die today, I could not say that I made the best of my life. Although I am a recovered alcoholic and AA member then 33 years back, my self destructive habits which I call deamons have used their peptides to hold me back.

Now I am changing my blueprint. It is all about habits. This is the first time in my life, that I have made a good start in a course. That is really changing a pattern. Writing this blog post on time is a part of ”I always keep my promises”.

Next very important thing to change is my sleeping habits. Now back to work, do some more prospecting. I also really need to book a lot prospecting, book customer meetings an make sales! Besides that, I need to to more fun stuff in my life, like going to the movies. But right now, I need to focus on my 20 gold calls each day!

To be continued!


I always keep my promises




mar 18

Week 24

My mother is now recovering, but it has been a very tough period. I’ve spent hours at the hospital. I have to catch up some stuff, watch the replay of last webinar and get back to the readings. Now bedtime!

mar 09

Week 23 shortest post

This week has been very tuff. My 95 year old mother has been very ill, on monday I had to call an ambulance for her. Now she is much better but still in hospital and I am not sure she will be able to return to her apartment. As usual I have been in bed to late, so now I’ll just do a quick evening reading and then to bed. Tomorrow a lady will come and clean my mothers apartment so I have to be there early.

Love this weeks Master Key lesson on money consciousness. These texts are just amazing. Now to bed, it is almost 10 pm, as said in my DMP, but which I almost never succeed with.

I almost forgot this task…

mar 03

Week 22 – Determination

Again, slept to few hours this week, to late in bed. But today friday I had a wonderful day, started to work from my home office and made eight gold calls, before lunch. My best friend sent me a link to the video with the inspirational speech from Wall Street Wolf with Leonardo Dicaprio, instructing his brokers. So I started to watch this video every morning before I ”Pick up the phone and start dialing”.

It is very inspiring and also humorous; Those black little boxes are called telephones ”I’m gonna let you in on a little secret, they’re not gonna dial themselves”. If your behind with your credit card payments, pick up the phone and start dialing. If your girlfriend thinks you are a looser, pick up the phone and start dialing.

Lunchtime I took the bus to my business partners office, but just before that I read the Master Key lesson and had a very short sit and a sit on the bus. We worked with one of our productions and in the evening he gave me a lift to the gym, where I had a hard training. Then shopping some groceries and heading home, making and eating dinner.

I felt a great satisfaction with my day and with my life, right as this moment. I had an insight today, to be determined is a very important approach in life, instead of living a life in quite desperation.

At the time being I am a bit worried for my brother who is in very bad shape due to his alcoholism. My self I am an grateful and recovered alcoholic. But I am powerless, I can only pray for him.


Thanks to Master Key I am more determined to become a successful person. Ii is really time to manifest my souls deepest desires and become The Greatest Salesman in the World.



feb 23

Week 21 some more progress

I am still off the teve and have reduced my time on Facebook to a minimum. I also realized that answering to messages, text, whatsapp, messenger or other chat forums, is stealing to much time. Now I have cut a lot of that off too, I can reply in the evening or later.

It was really wonderful to receive a customer payment this week and pay some late invoices and get rid of that to worry about. Yesterday I made 13 gold calls and today 11, that is not good enough, but I am on my way to the goal 20 calls each work day.

That’s all for this post. I will do my daily readings and the MK lesson and then bedtime, it is almost 11 pm: I need to get out of my vicious circle, which is go to bed to late, get ut to late, the meals and dinner to late, then again bedtime to late. My DMP says 10 pm four days a week! To be manifested!!!

feb 17

Week 20 – In him we live and move and have our being

This weeks Master Key lesson is one of those that has had the strongest impact on me. It is just amazing stuff, about the power of our thoughts and our being. It gives you some inspiration, when you begin to understand that you are God and not the voice in your head!

”We can live more abundantly every time we breath, if we consciously breathe with that intention.” Our thought is so powerful, it is the most amazing tool in the Universe!

Thursday (yesterday) was a magic day. I got up in the morning, did my daily meditation for 30 minutes, then breakfast. After that i did some prospecting calls from my home office (kitchen table) before I took the bus to my business partners office, which is his mothers company. Before that I passed the Super Market to pick up some groceries. They have a machine, where you can check the amount available on your membership credit card. I had 360 SEK (Swedish kronor) available. There was also a tab for digital bonus coupons. I have seen it before, but never bothered to check it, but now I did and I had a bonus coupon worth 400 SEK! So i could buy a lot of organic groceries. How come I checked the coupon tab this time? Probably, the reading of Greatest Salesman ”I live this day as if it is my last” has made som impact on my ”subby” and instead of just doing things, I was awake, amazing! Then me and my business partner had a very productive work day until 7.30 PM, then he gave me a lift home with my groceries. At home I read the Master Key lesson (above mentioned) and I laughed all the time, about how amazing this stuff is and what a miracle it is to be a human being. When I laugh this way, it is usually a sign of a crack in my ego and that I am in contact with my true self, my higher self or soul.

So right now I am in the flow. Today again i took the bus to my business partners office and stopped by at an other Super Market to buy three items. I told the cashier, that I have som coins and will pay the rest of it with my credit card. I put the coins in the machine that counts them and pulled up my credit card. But I didn’t have to use it, the amount was exactly the cost of the three items. What must be the statistic probability for a thing like this to happen? It was just like a message from the Universe; ”Everything works smoothly for you.”

My business partner has been very busy, but today we could finish a website and invoice the customer. So next week I will finally have som cash flow and I can pay my bills and do some fun stuff, as said in my DMP, go to the movies!

This work day with my business partner yesterday, really helped my to visualize my sales goal (DMP) for 2018 which is 2.000.000 SEK. Now I really know I will make it happen and from having been broke an miserable for almost ten years I will become a rich man, thanks to the Master Key Experience and reprogramming my subconscious mind! Our business is a gold mine and now, finally I have started to dig.

I have been going to seminars with Anthony Robbins and other great speakers, going to lectures, reading books, got coaching, but I never ever managed to get out of my self destructive habits. Now I understand why, it was my addiction to the negative peptides and now I am reprogramming and it is happening now!!

Thank you Mark and all staff and members of the MKE!! The best years of my life are still to come!



feb 09

Week 19

This will be a very short blog post. Today I had to visit an orthopedic doctor, I had received a referral to an emergency reception. So I had to wait for hours. While waiting I read Bruce Kings ”Phsycho Selling” an amazing book. Slowly I am getting better habits, reading sales books ten minutes each work day is in my DMP, not doing it daily yet, but a couple of days a week.

So there was no work for me today, but luckily my business partner texted me now, that he will work a couple of of hours tomorrow at the office and that he could pick my up by car att 11 am. I gratefully accepted. We have some websites to finish, so we can invoice the customers next week and I finally can get some cash flow again and will definitely be out of my worst financial challenges.

I am still off the teve, but there has been to much time spent on chat forums and facebook. So on two days this week I was almost completely off that and that really inspired me. Unfortunately, this evening I had a setback spending to much time on FB. But now I have done all my readings and soon written this blog post and it is ”only” 11 pm, soon I will be in bed. So I will feel energized tomorrow.

This weeks Master Key is really inspiring, last week I think it was difficult to understand.

feb 03

Week 18

Today a good days work, I made 15 gold calls, in my business. The daily number is going in the right direction, only five from my DMP goal, 20 calls each work day. The last call i made one minute to 5 PM, no answer. Short moment later the CEO called me back. Thank you for returning my call, i said and told him this is a sales call, can you talk two minutes, so we can find out if our offer could be profitable for your company. What is it about, he asked. We want to help you make better business deals with a better homepage. Well, he said, call me on thursday, things are a bit calmer then. Amazing, one minute to 5 PM! At lunch break, according to my DMP, I did ten minutes reading Bruce Kings book ”Gold Calling”. An amazing book on sales.
After work I had a nice, quick and tuff gym training. I just read the Master Key and now I am writing my weekly blog post. Just so tired I had problems not falling a sleep reading the MK lesson.

Tuesday we met with the choir. I thought, shall I skip the spring season, do I have time, doing the MKE and other stuff. But I decided I have to live by intention, not by the clock and I also really need to do fun stuff.

I am still off the teve, which truly is a miracle!


Now it is to late again, soon 2 AM bed time.

Now I’ll just do the survey, somehow I got off the mailing list. Then my PIF, read my DMP and GS then go to bed.


jan 27

Week17 ?

Now I am confused, I thought I was going to write a blog post for week 17, but that was last week. Are we in week 18 I thought, no that is the coming webinar. So how can it still be 17?

Any how The Master Key – Part Seventeen, that is some of the most amazing stuff I’ve ever read! This is really inspring, this is divine knowledge.

Today me and my business partner received and order confirmation, from our business meeting yesterday. Now we have made four sales in four meetings, that is just amazing! We just have to start producing, so we can invoice. Concerning my business I have started to do what I should do, make Gold calls (cold calls), book meetings and sell our product. But it can’t be just that, I think it is also the law of attraction working. My DMP makes me focus at least three times a day on my business goal.

I am becoming a great Salesmen! I keep this post short, it is bedtime 1.30 AM!


To be continued.

jan 20

Week 17 – what did the MKE change so far?

What shall I write about in my blog post this week/today I thought. It is past midnight and the radio is playing ”Hotel California”.

My DMP goal for my main business is to make 20 gold calls (cold calls) each work day. Tuesday to friday the result has been 9, 5, 3 and today friday 13 calls. Going in the right direction. One of todays calls was to a very profitable company. The CEO was not very interested in our offer or booking a meeting. I asked him if he is aware of that their website needs to be upgraded. Yes, he said, but it is not the right time for us now. Is it okey if I call you again in six or twelve months, I asked. ”Yes, do that” he replied.

Many of my/our orders I/we have received in this way. I make a call to the CEO, but it is the wrong time. I call back saying; I am the guy calling every six months. Often the other person laughs and may be says; well you will have to call back again. Usually after about two years it is the right time. By now I an no longer a total stranger and it is easier to sell.

During the ten years since my business partner and I started the company I have struggled, my finances have been constantly very strained, with a one year exception. Today I thought, what if I had made ten times as many calls? Probably I would have had ten times as many business cases as the above mentioned. I would have been rich. Instead I have borrowed money from my business partner, my old mother and three of my friends. I have done this to avoid having to sell my apartment.

What did the Master Key Experience change so far?
Now we have made three sales on three customer visits and received one order for an upgrade. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, but I am under great pressure, will my business partner have the time to do his work so we can invoice the customers on time? That is to say so I can pay my bills.  I am aware of my self sabotaging habits and my intention is to expand my good habits. I am still off the teve, which is a miracle! But now, meeting the requirements of the MK I am writing this blog post and it is 1.50 AM. I usually go to the gym three times a week, but this week last time was monday, so I really felt the need to go there today. After training and dinner, it is to late again… My DMP goal for sleeping habits is go to bed 10 PM four days a week and get up 5.30 AM. Better sleeping habits would have a very positive impact on my IBS and probably also on my OCD behavior.
The sleeping habits are crucial. I really need to get them right, in tune with circadian rhythms. Also I have to start writing the book as said in my DMP. The date when the book will be ”published and/or written” is april 28, so I need to get going. I think my DMP is the right thing, i also mentions fun stuff, like registering for a weekend course in stand up in february. But that will be march if not we can invoice our customers soon.

I thought i would not have anything to write about today/this week. Having started I always want to do a good job.


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