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mar 24

Week 24 – MKE – Confirmation of MK!

This week my sleeping habits have become a little better. I have gone to bed around 11 pm, 11.15 pm or 11.30 pm. May be I now have understood what causes this bad habit, not letting go of the day that has passed. When I mastered my sleeping habits, my IBS will be better and, …

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mar 16

Week 23 – MKE – what now?

A bit late with this post. Still not well from my cold/infection. Wednesday was my birthday. So for saturday I invited a friend, my female cousin and my brother, who picked up our dear mother from the retirement home. I would liked to postphone it, but I thought, better ”Do it now”, then it is …

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mar 09

Week 22a – MKE – a dip down

It has been a heavy week, I really would have needed to work hard, but had to stay home and just rest. It is my third week with an infection/cold that wan’t go away, although I affirm ”I am whole….” and thinking of what is said in the Masterkey twenty-two, about visualization. So I have …

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mar 01

Week 22 – MKE – Some progress

This morning I felt really bad, my infection has gotten a bit worse and I slept really bad. But i had breakfast, shaved my head, took a shower and went bo my business partners office. I made 20 Gold calls (daily goal in DMP) and I registred 17 prospects in our CRM systsm (goal per …

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feb 23

Week 21 – MKE – Stand up

Om monday I and some other students finished a course Stand up for beginners. So this friday evening we performed in front of an audience which had paid for tickets. We all did very well. I am very satisfied with my performance. Just before entering the scene, we had an interesting discussion on being nervous. …

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feb 16

Week 20 – MKE – ops

Ops, I forgot my blog post yesterday. I worked at my home office, in the evening I went on a theater performance together with a friend. On my way home just before 10 pm, my dear mother called me from the retirement home. She told me she just had an attack of diziness, she has …

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feb 09

Week 19 – MKE – mixed feelings

I am going through a battle between contradicting intentions. I try to do all my readings and tasks. I want to take good care of my belowed mother, at her retirement home. She is 96 years old, but mentally very alert. She lived in her own apartment until march last year. I love her so …

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feb 02

Week 18 – MKE – Master minding

jan 26

Week 17 HJ – MKE – Persistence

I didn’t know what to have for a headline today, but then I thought in the Makeover, this weeks virtue for me is persistence. Right now I need that, to persist.. The day before yesterday I went to bed right after midnight, yesterday 11.15 pm, still need to improve. The days before the sleeping habits …

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jan 18

Week 17 – MKE – some progress

It has been a very busy week, I have missed som readings, I have slept only five to six hours per night. I have to work harder with the MKE. I now have registred for a course stand up for beginners. It is written in my DMP ”January 2019”. I thought about this already 2017. …

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