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Okt 12

Week 3 – MKE – the end of wasting time

Yesterday was a different day with an unparalleled efficiency. Daytime I worked at my business partners office. We finished at about 6 PM. He went to the gym and so gave me a lift to Täby Centrum. I visited my very dear old mother at her retirement home. I stayed there for about two hours. Then …

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Okt 03

Week 2 – MKE – challenges…

I am in week 2 of my (third) Master Key Experience. This time I am doing a good start, doing all my readings and tasks. Writing this blog post on wednesday, well on time before deadline, is also establishing a good and new habit. Please note, I am watching my language here, not mentioning the …

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Sep 28

Week 1 MKE – It is all about habits

This is MKE 2018/2019 is my third, ”make or brake” for me. I must do the job att 100% this time. This first week I have not missed a reading and I have done all the requirements, may be the sits should be a little longer, I will adjust that. Previous MKE we got the …

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Mar 18

Week 24

My mother is now recovering, but it has been a very tough period. I’ve spent hours at the hospital. I have to catch up some stuff, watch the replay of last webinar and get back to the readings. Now bedtime!

Mar 09

Week 23 shortest post

This week has been very tuff. My 95 year old mother has been very ill, on monday I had to call an ambulance for her. Now she is much better but still in hospital and I am not sure she will be able to return to her apartment. As usual I have been in bed …

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Mar 03

Week 22 – Determination

Again, slept to few hours this week, to late in bed. But today friday I had a wonderful day, started to work from my home office and made eight gold calls, before lunch. My best friend sent me a link to the video with the inspirational speech from Wall Street Wolf with Leonardo Dicaprio, instructing …

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Feb 23

Week 21 some more progress

I am still off the teve and have reduced my time on Facebook to a minimum. I also realized that answering to messages, text, whatsapp, messenger or other chat forums, is stealing to much time. Now I have cut a lot of that off too, I can reply in the evening or later. It was …

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Feb 17

Week 20 – In him we live and move and have our being

This weeks Master Key lesson is one of those that has had the strongest impact on me. It is just amazing stuff, about the power of our thoughts and our being. It gives you some inspiration, when you begin to understand that you are God and not the voice in your head! ”We can live …

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Feb 09

Week 19

This will be a very short blog post. Today I had to visit an orthopedic doctor, I had received a referral to an emergency reception. So I had to wait for hours. While waiting I read Bruce Kings ”Phsycho Selling” an amazing book. Slowly I am getting better habits, reading sales books ten minutes each …

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Feb 03

Week 18

Today a good days work, I made 15 gold calls, in my business. The daily number is going in the right direction, only five from my DMP goal, 20 calls each work day. The last call i made one minute to 5 PM, no answer. Short moment later the CEO called me back. Thank you …

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