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Dec 08

Week 11 – MKE – I will persist

I could have done better this week. The sleeping patterns/habits have been a little bit better, but need to improve! I did not do my service on time, it included writing a letter and invoicing my mothers retirement home, cause they destroyed her wool clothes when washing them. So I finished the service on tuesday/wednesday. …

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Nov 30

Week 10 – MKE – Keep up the work

End of work day, sitting in my business partners office. My plans were to go for a short visit at the retirement home where my mother lives (I do longer visits almost every day) and then an AA meeting in town. But my business partner and his colleques seeme never to finish, I need a …

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Nov 23

Week 9 – MKE – Compass or clock – Is your life a magnificent trip or path to retirement?

On previous MKE, last year, after the exercise not watching teve I stayed off the teve more or less, totally, for months or half a year. I am interested in politics, so during swedish elections in autumn, I started to watch the news again, but, beginning of september I thought, this is a bad habit, …

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Nov 16

WEEK 8 – MKE – Vision board

In 2004 I listened to Randy Gages lecture on prosperity consciousness in Stockholm. I bought RandysProsperity Manifestation Map. I took my 14 years before I finally, thanks to the Maste Key Experience got it done, this week on tuesday evening. I skipped my choire singing to do that. I felt such a tremendous satisfaction and …

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Nov 10

Week 7 – MKE – tuff times

I am a bit late with this blog post. I will do my recordings during sunday. Today my best friend will visit me. We have not met for a long time, except 12-step meetings. That will be very nice. Monday my dear mother got sick again, high fever, we suspected an infection and the staff …

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Nov 02

Week 6 – MKE – building a new blueprint

Today I have been working at my business partners office. I have made 14 gold calls (cold calls), should have been 20, but I am finally on the right way! Now it is 6 pm and I have just finished writing and printing all the shapes. I am very grateful that I could print them …

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okt 25

Week 5 – MKE – the power of action

This will be a very short post. It is 11.30 pm. Last night I got to bed 1.20 am. I have been working today at my business partners office. Then I visited my mother at the retirement home. Bought some groceries. Then i read my Master Key and did a very short sit, not to …

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okt 19

Week 4 – MKE – moment of truth

I keep on doing all my exercises and readings. A couple of times I have felt a rush of enthusiasm trough my mind and system, but… Long time bad behaviours catch me up. I can not understand what I have been doing for the last two years. The sales in my business has been disastrous, …

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okt 12

Week 3 – MKE – the end of wasting time

Yesterday was a different day with an unparalleled efficiency. Daytime I worked at my business partners office. We finished at about 6 PM. He went to the gym and so gave me a lift to Täby Centrum. I visited my very dear old mother at her retirement home. I stayed there for about two hours. Then …

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okt 03

Week 2 – MKE – challenges…

I am in week 2 of my (third) Master Key Experience. This time I am doing a good start, doing all my readings and tasks. Writing this blog post on wednesday, well on time before deadline, is also establishing a good and new habit. Please note, I am watching my language here, not mentioning the …

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