feb 09

Week 19 – MKE – mixed feelings

I am going through a battle between contradicting intentions. I try to do all my readings and tasks. I want to take good care of my belowed mother, at her retirement home. She is 96 years old, but mentally very alert. She lived in her own apartment until march last year. I love her so much, but she also drives me nuts, with her complaining. I visit her every day, for two to three hours, that is a bit to much, but on the other hand, I don’t watch teve any more, since beginning of september. I do my gym training three times a week. I have been cheating a little on my meditation, need to get back to regular and full time, 30 minutes twice daily. About the conflicting, several days of this week I have been reading the Master Key last thing in the evening, every time I have almost been falling asleep, so the reading often has taken one hour, instead of ten/15 minutes. I have regretted that I didn’t skip the MK and got to bed on time. On thursday and friday, I have been at my business partners office before ten am, instead of lunchtime and that is good. I need to better my sleeping habits, go to bed at latest 10 pm, as stated in my DMP. I have serious challenges with the prospecting in my business. Only some days, yet, I reach my goal of 20 gold calls (cold calls) each work days, but I am doing on average, more calls than ever before, per day, but I am not succeeding with booking meetings. I have not booked a meeting for more than six months. The amount of calls, had this been a couple of years ago, I would have booked a lot of meetings. I don’t know if it has become more difficult, that the ”decision makers”/CEO:s have become more stressed/under pressure than ever, or is it something wrong with my calls? I am reading Bruce Kings ”Gold Calling” to better my skills. Luckily we have had som productions/orders to work with, so some cash in-flow has been created, thank God for that! People who tell ”Money is not important” they are really stupid! Is is so great to have some money in my bank account, I am so grateful. But with ”prospecting” and doing business it can be like the ”ketchup effect”, nothing, nothing, an the all. The really amazing stuff is that i am still off the teve and now starting to also get off the radio. I spend most of my work days at my business partners office, which helps med to be much more productive. The course ”Stand up for beginners” is really fun! But the times are challenging for me. Now read the GS, guy in the Glass and get to bed!

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  1. lorentaylor

    If your name is Jan, I know you can! 🙂

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