feb 02

Week 18 – MKE – Master minding

Finally I found a master mind partner (from France) and we just started to have some calls this week and had a short check up call today. So I made 20 calls yesterday, and eight calls today. My DMP business goal is 20 calls per work day. Tomorrow/saturday I will have a call again with my Master Mind partner. Monday evening I participated in the first lecture of a course Stand up for beginners. I have thought about this for years, but not made the decision, thinking, may be it is not the right time, may be I have to much going on in my life. Then I thought, it is never the ”right time” just do it and so I did it. I found that this course and writing three gratitude cards each day, is having a profound effect on me.
Give more, today I made an exclusive lunch for my business partner, his wife, parents and employee at their office. I have the privilege to work there when ever I like, when I don’t work from my home office. My business partners mother is a very generous person. We get free lunch every day at her expense, so showing som gratitude felt great!

I am on the right track now. The MKE has made me more positive, focusing on taking action, with intention of being more successful, manifesting more of my true potential.

I knew already before MKE, that gratitude is a cause, not an effect, but now I am really starting to experience it.

2 kommentarer

  1. Angela

    Experience I’d the best teacher!

  2. Pam Plager

    Congrats on finding a Mastermind partner. Having that relationship will help to propel your growth!


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