Månatligt arkiv för februari 2019

feb 23

Week 21 – MKE – Stand up

Om monday I and some other students finished a course Stand up for beginners. So this friday evening we performed in front of an audience which had paid for tickets. We all did very well. I am very satisfied with my performance. Just before entering the scene, we had an interesting discussion on being nervous. …

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feb 16

Week 20 – MKE – ops

Ops, I forgot my blog post yesterday. I worked at my home office, in the evening I went on a theater performance together with a friend. On my way home just before 10 pm, my dear mother called me from the retirement home. She told me she just had an attack of diziness, she has …

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feb 09

Week 19 – MKE – mixed feelings

I am going through a battle between contradicting intentions. I try to do all my readings and tasks. I want to take good care of my belowed mother, at her retirement home. She is 96 years old, but mentally very alert. She lived in her own apartment until march last year. I love her so …

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feb 02

Week 18 – MKE – Master minding