jan 26

Week 17 HJ – MKE – Persistence

I didn’t know what to have for a headline today, but then I thought in the Makeover, this weeks virtue for me is persistence. Right now I need that, to persist..

The day before yesterday I went to bed right after midnight, yesterday 11.15 pm, still need to improve. The days before the sleeping habits were disastrous. The wake up alarm this morning was set on 5.45 am. I opened the windows to let in fresh air, it was really cold outdoors, so very quickly I could close the windows. I made som herbal tea and then did my daily meditation for 30 minutes. I have been off a couple of days now, no good. After breakfast I took the bus to my business partners office. I made seven or eight gold calls. My best friend asked me if I wanted to join him on an AA meeting and have some dinner or coffee after in the city of Stockholm. That would be nice I replied. Before that I picked up som prescribed medicins at the pharmacy and then visited my dear mother at her retirement home, very shortly. She was again complaining about her anxiety. Today she had a massage and my brother took her for a walk, should have been a nice day. I thought that I need to recover from my codependency and let her be responsible for her life, I can not live her life for her. So I felt good about going to an AA meeting and most of all, to meet my best friend. We ate some salad and had som ”fika” (coffee or tea) and a very nice talk. Now I am writing this weeks blog post and it is late again 1.30 am and I am so tired, exhausted, I will just let go of everything and go to bed. I have been at the office a lot this week, but need to be more productive. I am behind in the schedule with some productions, the customers are complaining. So I need to work this weekend. But now, I will sleep……

The course start, stand up for beginners was delayed one week as they had to few students, but now it looks like it will start on monday. That will really be fun, I need to do more fun stuff in my life!

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  1. lorentaylor

    If fun is what you want, Jan (and who doesn’t want that?) then fun is what you’re going to get. Keep pushing forward to be an MKE graduate, and you’re all set! 🙂

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