jan 18

Week 17 – MKE – some progress

It has been a very busy week, I have missed som readings, I have slept only five to six hours per night. I have to work harder with the MKE. I now have registred for a course stand up for beginners. It is written in my DMP ”January 2019”. I thought about this already 2017. But you know, it is so easy to think, I am a bit busy now, may be later and suddenly you find, that years have passed and you didn’t do it. Now I thought it will never ”be the right time”, so I registred and the course starts on monday evening. We will meet four mondays and then perform in front of a real audience, scary! 🙂 This will be so fun and I need to do more fun stuff in my life!!!

A small habit I finally got in place, is to register four prospects every work day (almost) in our CRM. Four is my DMP goal, but I often register six or seven. I really doesn’t take so much time, may be, ten or 15 minutes. But in the long run, it will make a huge difference in the results of my business. Only one day I made my 20 Gold calls, according to my DMP, but most days I make calls, and I soon will make 20 each work day. I must do this, to reach my sales goals for 2019 which is so large so it scares the ”shit out of me”, 2 M SEK. These are some small habits which I have installed, thanks to the MKE. Usually I think, ”I will do it tomorrow” and tomorrow I did not do it and you know. I miss some stuff some days, but every evening even if I am totally exhausted, I read my GS loud with enormous enthousiasm and also The Guy in the glass. This is really powerful before going o bed.

Well, that is this weeks post, published on time!

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  1. lorentaylor

    From what you just said, Jan, combining ”scary” and ”fun” as you have, Jan, I’m guessing Halloween is your favorite holiday, and VERY soon you will be making 20 Gold calls each work day! 🙂

    1. Janne

      Loren! Thanks for you encouraging words! 🙂

    2. Janne

      Loren, thanks for your encouragement! 🙂

  2. Terry Neraasen, MKE Blog Rover

    Jan I love the perseverance you demonstrate. I can relate to the situation with your Mother since my soon to be 101 years Mom has kept me busiy over the last several months looking after her needs and getting her established in a continuing care facility. I also read you Press Release and appreciate the vision there. Onward and upward.

    1. Janne

      Hi Terry, thanks for sharing! The Press Release, I need to re-write it and read it more often. Right now this evening I have been ”catching up” reading others blogs and commenting. Hope you get a good facility for your mom!

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