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Week 16 -MKE – Kindness

Friday, time to post my weekly blog-update. Yesterday, my brother and I had a very hectic day, moving our mother to a new retirement home. Actually I did none of my exercises, except the Guy in the Glass, before I went to bed 3 am, after a shower. When we ”installed” our mother at the retirement home, she was almost hysterical. She said, I can not stay her Jan, I will come and sleep in your apartment and or that she wanted to go back to the former, terrible, retirement home. That is not unusual for old people, when their environment changes. We hired Tiptap (internet service/app) movers. Two wonderful, very kind and extremely service minded women did a fantastic work, moving our furniture. When I finally got back to my mothers new retirement home, about 10 pm, I thought now my mother will be hysteric. But the fantastic, nice and kind staff, told me, that my mother had asked for me. They told her, that may be Jan is at home, sleeping. My mother had replied ”Okey, then he will visit tomorrow”. Jesus, I thought, this is a true miracle. I stayed to 1 am and fixed everything. My mother was very positive, on the retirement home and the surroundings, the forrest outside the window. This is really miracolous, I thouhgt. I am so, very, very, very grateful, that we found a good retirement home for our mother, a nice place, with a wonderful, caring and well organized, warm hearted staff! Thank you Lord!
So yesterday, I made no prospect calls, I just did not have time for that, or for my readings, but I started to make prospect/Gold calls each work day, the goal according to my DMP is 20 calls each work day, and to register 4 new prospects each day. Today I started to work very late afternoon, but I still made 8 calls and registred 5 new prospects. I have also shared two kindesses in members area, although, I didn’t make not being caught. Now I will visit my mother and try a new gym, which is very close to where my mother is staying now. I am on my way to a new future. Now, this afternoon I have made all things, I ”did not have the time for”, I am creating a new blueprint.

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  1. lorentaylor

    It seems to me, Jan, you are proving that you are, indeed, ”NATURE’S GREATEST MIRACLE,”

    1. Janne

      Tnx! 🙂

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