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Week 15 – MKE – This is it

This is it, this is my life right now. Started to work at my business partners office today, although I had a bad night with to little and low quality sleep due to my IBS issues. Yesterday, as ususal I visited the retirement home were my mother lives. The staff don’t like me, as I complain a lot and there really is a lot to complain about. Yesterday they informed my, that the daily garbage, for example the wast like food package, I am not allowed to put that among their waste, I should ”take care of it, in the same way you do at home”.. YES and where should I dispose it, shall I carry it to my apartment? It makes me mad, excuse my not being very spiritual, but this staff they are really stupid. I am not very popular, as I complain about everything they do wrong, like destroy woolen garments by washing them in hot water. When I came home, I noticed I had missed my lunch readings. When I did my evening readings, first then I became aware of how I totally got caught up in the thoughts in my head, being upset, I totally lost all mindfulness. These are the every day thoughts of my old blueprint. If I don’t interrupt them constantly with my readings and exercises, I will stay in my old self destructive OCD patterns. Late afternoon today I decided to do my ”Gold calls” (cold calls), creating my new habit according to my DMP, to make calls (20) every work day. Now I only made 9 calls, but I celebrate that, I am establishing a very powerful habit. It is a classic mistake among people who work with sales/own business, to work only with your orders and forget prospecting. I form good habits and become their slave. It really is not difficult to become successful, I just need to create good habits. One of them is writing my post on time, well on time this week. Good habits or bad habits is the difference between a prosperous and happy life and disaster. Now i publish this post and then do my daily reading sales books, before my business partner givs me a lift from the office. I am grateful that I had the chance to show kindess today. My business partners dad has gone through a heart surgery and he is really going through some tough challenges. I gave him a copy of cardiologist Steven R Gundrys ”The Plant Paradox”. I also gave him the affirmation ”I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, harmonious and happy.” This is it, my life is right now. I must and will keep momentum, moving forward with good habits creating a prosperous, exuberant and happy life. Yesterday I checked the dates for a course for beginners in stand up, in Stockholm. It starts january 21th.

2 kommentarer

  1. lorentaylor

    Moving forward under difficult circumstances is often not easy, Jan, Yet you;re demonstrating that you can, Nice! 🙂

  2. Pam Plager

    Retirement homes can be very challenging. Knock their socks off and compliment them on something next time. Hopefully, there is someone caring for your Mom’s needs worthy of a compliment. Sound like you are on track for a great journey.


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