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Week 15 – MKE – This is it

This is it, this is my life right now. Started to work at my business partners office today, although I had a bad night with to little and low quality sleep due to my IBS issues. Yesterday, as ususal I visited the retirement home were my mother lives. The staff don’t like me, as I complain a lot and there really is a lot to complain about. Yesterday they informed my, that the daily garbage, for example the wast like food package, I am not allowed to put that among their waste, I should ”take care of it, in the same way you do at home”.. YES and where should I dispose it, shall I carry it to my apartment? It makes me mad, excuse my not being very spiritual, but this staff they are really stupid. I am not very popular, as I complain about everything they do wrong, like destroy woolen garments by washing them in hot water. When I came home, I noticed I had missed my lunch readings. When I did my evening readings, first then I became aware of how I totally got caught up in the thoughts in my head, being upset, I totally lost all mindfulness. These are the every day thoughts of my old blueprint. If I don’t interrupt them constantly with my readings and exercises, I will stay in my old self destructive OCD patterns. Late afternoon today I decided to do my ”Gold calls” (cold calls), creating my new habit according to my DMP, to make calls (20) every work day. Now I only made 9 calls, but I celebrate that, I am establishing a very powerful habit. It is a classic mistake among people who work with sales/own business, to work only with your orders and forget prospecting. I form good habits and become their slave. It really is not difficult to become successful, I just need to create good habits. One of them is writing my post on time, well on time this week. Good habits or bad habits is the difference between a prosperous and happy life and disaster. Now i publish this post and then do my daily reading sales books, before my business partner givs me a lift from the office. I am grateful that I had the chance to show kindess today. My business partners dad has gone through a heart surgery and he is really going through some tough challenges. I gave him a copy of cardiologist Steven R Gundrys ”The Plant Paradox”. I also gave him the affirmation ”I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, harmonious and happy.” This is it, my life is right now. I must and will keep momentum, moving forward with good habits creating a prosperous, exuberant and happy life. Yesterday I checked the dates for a course for beginners in stand up, in Stockholm. It starts january 21th.

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  1. lorentaylor

    Moving forward under difficult circumstances is often not easy, Jan, Yet you;re demonstrating that you can, Nice! 🙂

    1. Janne

      Tnx! 🙂

    2. Janne


  2. Pam Plager

    Retirement homes can be very challenging. Knock their socks off and compliment them on something next time. Hopefully, there is someone caring for your Mom’s needs worthy of a compliment. Sound like you are on track for a great journey.

    1. Janne

      Hi Pam, thanks for caring! Thursday the week before last, we moved my mother to an other retirement home. It is like a dream, the most wonderful staff, warm and caring and the place is well organized. So happy for my mother and to me, I don’t have to worry, I know my mother gets the best care. She is still complaining a lot, although admitting that the staff is wonderful, but as I tell her, complaining is your oxygen! She is so sweet but she also often is very challenging. But I am so happy, that I could save her life and that we get this extra time togehter. I love her so much!

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