Dec 22

Week 13 – MKE – restart and catch up

Challenges…I need to restart, catch up and persist until I succeed. I need to get back doing everything mentioned in my DMP and most important, make everything a habit, or else I will not reach my goals. Again, most crucial are my sleeping habits. This week I went to be to late every evening.

Usually I don’t have time to read the newspaper. The other day, when I came home after I visited my dear mother at the retirement home, it was around 9 pm. I was very tired, should have gone to bed immediately, but I sat down on the couch and read the newspaper, Svenska Dagbladet, very thoroughly. Then again, when I got to bed it again it was past midnight. But I just had the feeling, that I needed space for myself, at the same time I would really, really, have needed to sleep early. I need to get in sync with the circadian rhythms. I am late with my last service and need to decide on this weeks.

But there is no going back, I badly need to succeed and master my inner demons, or dragons, my OCD, my IBS. I can not go back to, I would not call it a life in quit desperation, but dissatisfaction, not manifesting my greatest talents.

Obviously (?) there is still a craving from my cells for the old peptides; so I need to work harder and/or more effective. Obviously I also should avoid affirming that it is ”hard” to better my sleeping habits. But still, I am really a mistery to myself. I know, everything, would be so much better with better sleeping habits/patterns, as stated in my DMP, go to bed 10 pm, get up 5.30 am four days a week. That would have an astonishing impact on all areas of my life and wellbeing.

So what am I afraid of? Why am I afraid of what I truly am, light?

Finally I got to the garbage room, with several weeks newspapers and bulky waste. That was really a relief, I thought, what am I doing, creating a bad habit?

Now get to bed and then persist, persist and do it now, do it now.


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  1. Angela

    Persist….you will win. Keep starting over, relax and just do it now! You are the greatness you desire!!! Can’t wait to read next week’s post!

  2. lorentaylor

    It’a a dilemma so many of us must come to grips. The fact or fiction underlying ”It’s easy doing 100% of what we know we must. It’s doing 99% that’s really tough. LOL 🙂

    1. Janne

      Could you explain that? 🙂

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