Dec 15

Week 12 – MKE – hold on, change is coming

”Hold on, change is coming” is a song we sometimes sing in the choire I joined, but I haven’t been there for over a month and done no vocal training so I skipped participation in all the concerts the choir will sing at. I feel sad about that, but I run my business, visit my dear mother, almost two hours each day, do my gym training three times a week, so I just made this choice.

I need to re-write my Press Release and read it more often. Beside my readings I think a lot of being in my new reality, larger income (Liberty), better sleeping habits, having cured my IBS and OCD, being able to travel a lot, participate in exciting seminars, for example with Brendon Burchard. I don’t use the expression ”I can’t afford to…”, that is like pouring poison into my subconscious. So I think of being more successful, but I feel that the picture or the view of my future is not clear enough. My future me is still a stranger. That needs to be improved.

Yesterday was a really good day. I worked at my business partners office, a company owned by his mother. She is a wonderful, amazing person, so positive and generous. She and her son, my business partner are really good and inspiring examples to me. They are successful people, extremely generous and the energy at this office is so good. Two or three dogs, small children and a very enthusiastic and caring atmosphere.

After a productive work day I visited my dear mother at the retirement home. I took her to Taeby Centrum and we did a lot of errands, hers and mine. We went to a phone store, to dry cleaning, pharmacy (but i forgot my own prescription) and bought som groceries. This is really a change thanks to MKE, I get a lot more stuff done. Usually I often forget some errands, but now I just remembered everything. A new thinking habit is being established. I think, is there anything else I could do now, right now? On top of this my dear mother was in a good mood, that was great. The day before I really went nuts about her complaining.

I still haven’t started my MLM business, I don’t fell good about that. As a starter I need to write my prospect list and study the info from the company. Again I note, this is becoming a negative affirmation, that my sleeping patterns are disastrous.

Argh…my DMP says I shall write four days a week on my book. Now I have been off more than two weeks. This is a true story. The last third of the book is written, a bit more than the middle part has to be ”re-constructed”. So I really need to get started with that part. Don’t beat myself up, that is just establishing the old blueprint, just keep affirming do it now, do it now, do it now, do it now and get it done. Don’t think, don”t think, don’t think, just start my MacBook and start writing, the law of momentum!!!

Not if, but when this change is coming, I go to bed no later than 10 pm and get up 5.30 am four days a week, as written in my DMP, I estimate that my productivity will increase with 30 to 40 percent.

Is increase ”by” or ”with” in english? Or are both correct?

Better sleeping patterns will better my IBS and OCD, may be get rid of my symptoms totally.

Now it is almost one and a half hour past midnight, but I consider this blog post published on time. Good habit! I will celebrate the good things I do and don’t beat myself up with the stuff I can improve. Note, I am watching my language, good habit!!!

I will be kind do myself. A very quick reading of my Master Key lesson, a very short sit and then bed time. Good night, sleep tight and don’t let the bed bugs bite!




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  1. Pam Plager

    Sounds like you have a lot on your plate but are making tremendous strides. Don’t let beating yourself up take away any of that precious energy. As they say, ”Rome was not built in a day”. Just focus on the needle of your compass!!!

    1. Janne

      Thanks! Yeah, the compass, thank you for reminding, I have it on me most of the time, but need to hold it in mind when challenged. I just love the compass metaphor.

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