Dec 08

Week 11 – MKE – I will persist

I could have done better this week. The sleeping patterns/habits have been a little bit better, but need to improve! I did not do my service on time, it included writing a letter and invoicing my mothers retirement home, cause they destroyed her wool clothes when washing them. So I finished the service on tuesday/wednesday. But it felt good having done this, I have been thinking of this invoice for weeks, now it is done. So much stuff has been made, thanks to the service card! Things which otherwise would have been procrastinated.

Finally I got my password back on WordPress and can now comment other members blog posts, done!

I think of the compass, it is really a wonderful metaphor. It happens, I think ”I don’t have time”, but, if I would better my sleeping patterns, go to bed on time, I would be so much more effective, I ”would have time”.

I have written a list of things needed to be done this week. Much of it is not done yet, but it feels so good to be able to check of one task at a time, from the list.

I will be successful in my sales, but I affirm in present tense; ”I am successful in my sales”, ”I am a warrior, I get things done”.

It is a couple of minutes past mindnigh, so I can say I wrote and published this post on time. ”I form good habits and become their slave!”

This months scroll ”I will persist until I succeed”, is one of my favorite scrolls.

Now time to sleep and time for an AA meeeting tomorrow morning!


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  1. Steve Earl

    You are getting things done, I can see the difference this makes to you. Keep it up as the new you is forming the future you.

    1. Janne

      Tnx Steve!

  2. Wendy Roob

    keep the faith… every step towards your dmp…. burning desire is a win!

    1. Janne

      Tnx, yeah!

  3. James Moore

    Thank you for sticking with it, that inspires me

    1. Janne

      Thanks James!

    2. Janne



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