Månatligt arkiv för december 2018

Dec 29

MKE – week 14

The shortest post ever. This week just disappeared. It is a habit writing this post on time. I will update it tomorrow. I really have a lot of work to do, with my business,Sleeping habits and master key. Updating this post, december 30th after webinar. I just made my PIF, printed the Franklin Makeover, although …

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Dec 22

Week 13 – MKE – restart and catch up

Challenges…I need to restart, catch up and persist until I succeed. I need to get back doing everything mentioned in my DMP and most important, make everything a habit, or else I will not reach my goals. Again, most crucial are my sleeping habits. This week I went to be to late every evening. Usually …

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Dec 15

Week 12 – MKE – hold on, change is coming

”Hold on, change is coming” is a song we sometimes sing in the choire I joined, but I haven’t been there for over a month and done no vocal training so I skipped participation in all the concerts the choir will sing at. I feel sad about that, but I run my business, visit my …

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Dec 08

Week 11 – MKE – I will persist

I could have done better this week. The sleeping patterns/habits have been a little bit better, but need to improve! I did not do my service on time, it included writing a letter and invoicing my mothers retirement home, cause they destroyed her wool clothes when washing them. So I finished the service on tuesday/wednesday. …

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