Nov 30

Week 10 – MKE – Keep up the work

End of work day, sitting in my business partners office. My plans were to go for a short visit at the retirement home where my mother lives (I do longer visits almost every day) and then an AA meeting in town. But my business partner and his colleques seeme never to finish, I need a lift. So I write my post now and I create the habit of being on time, even if it is a short one this time.

I needed to fix som financial problems this week, my tax payment. Finally I managed, by som family help/advance of inheritance I made it. I missed some of my readings this week. Yesterday, I shamefully must admit, I missed my Master Key reading. it was bedtime, and 1.40 am. My first impulse was, I really need to sleep, but then, I did the GS, BPB and DMP readings very loud and enthusiastically and the Guy in the glass in my bathroom. That felt good.

This weeks MK with the quadrant exercise really makes my confused. I think it is very easy, have I misunderstood something?

I need to catch up with some things on the index cards, but I do my weekly exercise every week, creating a habit of ”I always keep my promises.” Now I really need to better my sleeping habits, that is a must.

But I have come to the conclusion that there is no way back to my old life and old blueprint.


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  1. Steve Earl

    I am glad that you feel removed from your old blue print and see no way back to it. You are on a good journey here.

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