Nov 23

Week 9 – MKE – Compass or clock – Is your life a magnificent trip or path to retirement?

On previous MKE, last year, after the exercise not watching teve I stayed off the teve more or less, totally, for months or half a year. I am interested in politics, so during swedish elections in autumn, I started to watch the news again, but, beginning of september I thought, this is a bad habit, so I stopped watching totally. I have a lot of very interesting books in my home, but more than 90% I have not read. Why spend a lot of money on buying books and then not read them? Watching teve two hours a day, that is insane!

Now I do my MK exercises, I visit my dear mother on the retirement home every day for one or two hour. Then I work, in my home office (kitchen) or at my  business partners office. I do gym training three times a week, not much time left for relaxation. So in some aspects I still have a ”clock issue”, but……

I sleep well, but I never get to bed on time, it is often midnight, or 1 or 2 am. When I adjust that I will gain a lot in better health, energy and efficiency. My IBS and OCD will be much better. My DMP says, go to bed 10 pm and get up 5.30 am four days a week. It is really a mistery to me, why it is so hard for me to get rid of this disastrous habit.

About the clock and the compass, I would never say that ”I don’t have time for the MKE”. That would be an absurd statement, not having ”time” to be liberated from inner demons and self destrucive habits. Some of my friends say this, one of them is a heavy over eater, yet an other suffers from OCD and a lot of negative self talk.

My 95 year old mother, she has not made much of her life, so she suffers from anxiety and does complaining ”for a living”. She is so sweat, but her complaining drives me nuts sometimes. I don’t want to end up the same way as her, constantly blaming circumstances and other people.

So my only choice is to succeed with my MKE, do the exercises, fulfill my DMP, replace bad habits with good habits and make the most of the gifts the Creator so generously has given me.

When it is time for me to die, I want to say ”It was a magnificent trip, now let the next reincarnation be as well lived as this one!”

But maybe it’s also important to admit that I’m mourning my old self, the one who in the evening could sit down in the couche, just relaxing in front of the teve, or do some Facebook surfing, just being lazy. I can never go back to that. But to be honest, what you do, watching teve, is trying to get excitment, watching other people, whos lives are more exciting or prosperous than you own. It is living in a dream or fantasy, instead of creating an amazing life on your own.

The Creator has given us amazing gifts. If we were aware of how amazing creatures we are, we would be stunned!

Is your life a magnificent trip, or is it just s path to retirement?


It is almost lunch time. I am sitting in my business partners office. He is at home sleeping, they had a server crash, so he worked until 6.30 am. I am very greatful the new server is installed. I willl check comments, make comments on some other blogs. Then I need to get back to work and make my daily 20 ”Gold calls” (cold calls). My DMP says 20 calls, but I make 10 – 14, must improve today!

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  1. Steve Earl

    Great blog Jan and I can see the new you is a fantastic productive man. You have made some big changes so I believe that you will accomplish those that remain in good time.

    1. Janne

      Tnx Steve for your encouragement! 🙂

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