Nov 16

WEEK 8 – MKE – Vision board

In 2004 I listened to Randy Gages lecture on prosperity consciousness in Stockholm. I bought RandysProsperity Manifestation Map. I took my 14 years before I finally, thanks to the Maste Key Experience got it done, this week on tuesday evening. I skipped my choire singing to do that.

I felt such a tremendous satisfaction and I still to. I put the map in my kitchen (home office) on a cabinet door. I am so fascinated by the map, many times each day I watch the map and I will also fix it as a screen saver on my Mac and iPhone. A believe, as Randy also tells, that a vision board is very powerful.

The mental diet is not working very well, but I have became much more aware of choosing my thoughts. I still have to do my recordings, will get that done this weekend.

Did my laundry yesterday evening and I went to bed 1.45 am, not much sleep this week. But this last three days have been very productive. I feel I am on the right track.

There is a tremendous difference now on my self management. I very seldom waste any time. My business partner, his wife, mam and dad are all very powerful examples for me. I am so greatful for that, being able at no cost, to work at their office.

2 kommentarer

  1. Steven Earl

    I love that you have the vision board up and it is working for you.

    1. Janne

      Hi Steve, thanks! It is really inspiring and I hope it makes a powerful impact on my subby!

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