Nov 10

Week 7 – MKE – tuff times

I am a bit late with this blog post. I will do my recordings during sunday. Today my best friend will visit me. We have not met for a long time, except 12-step meetings. That will be very nice. Monday my dear mother got sick again, high fever, we suspected an infection and the staff at the retirement home sent her (together with me) in an ambulance to the hospital. I came home at 2 am. But thank God it was now infection, so she could leave the hospital on wednesday.

I am having a really tuff time. I need to do a lot of business very quickly, or else I will have to sell my apartment. So it is a struggle right now, ot focus on what I want, wealth, and not focus on what I don’t want, debt.

So I need a miracle, I will work on it. The seven day mental diet, not yet a great success. Yesterday my business partner yelled at me. I really had to us all ”spiritual methods” not to get stuck in thinking how I will get even.

Now, soon my friend will come. I will make a chocolat mousse for us and then my friend will pick me up in his car, we will buy some food, cook and then watch the amazing ”Peacful Warrior” one of the absolutely best movies I ever seen. Before everything I will pay a short visit to my mother, so she gets her walk in day light.