Nov 02

Week 6 – MKE – building a new blueprint

Today I have been working at my business partners office. I have made 14 gold calls (cold calls), should have been 20, but I am finally on the right way! Now it is 6 pm and I have just finished writing and printing all the shapes. I am very grateful that I could print them here on a high quality printer and not from my home office (kitchen) where may be the printer would have run out of ink.

Standing at the printer wating for my shapes to be printed, I suddenly felt a strong satisfaction. I am really doing this now, I have so far had the disciplin needed, I am really changing my life and creating a new blueprint. I am doing the WORK and I am so proud of myself.

Soon my business partner will give me a lift. I will stop by my dear mother on the retirement home for a short visit. When I am home again, I will read my Master Key and do the sit. Today I really need to go to bed early, my sleeping habits, or changing them is really crucial if I want to become sucessful and also get better and cured from my IBS.

Looking at the printed shapes I thougt, what a smart program they have created to form a new blueprint, it is really amazing!

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