okt 25

Week 5 – MKE – the power of action

This will be a very short post. It is 11.30 pm. Last night I got to bed 1.20 am. I have been working today at my business partners office. Then I visited my mother at the retirement home. Bought some groceries. Then i read my Master Key and did a very short sit, not to fall asleep. Now i have written my Press Release, but I used the one from previous MKE, and did some changes and I will do some re-writes, but the important thing here again is to do things as required, to keep my promises and also my affirmation from the DMP ”I am always on time for appointments.” To do things on time.

I have som really big challenges in my finances, a real turmoil, but I stay calm and focused on my goals and my action very well aware, that I will manifest that which I hold in my mind.

So I do not focus on debt, but on creating new affairs.

Now pack my rucksack with my gym training stuff and then to bed!

To be continued!




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