okt 19

Week 4 – MKE – moment of truth

I keep on doing all my exercises and readings. A couple of times I have felt a rush of enthusiasm trough my mind and system, but…

Long time bad behaviours catch me up. I can not understand what I have been doing for the last two years. The sales in my business has been disastrous, I have been surviving on loans for years. As i mentioned my mother was very sick earlier this year, I have spent a lot of time with her, but she is very well now. We sold her apartment and my brother and I had to get rid of all her stuff. So I had not done my income tax declaration, which should have been filen in february/march. So I did it now wednesday or finished at 3 am thursday morning. I will have to pay VAT and income tax about 50.000 SEK, money which I don’t have. So I really need some new orders in my business. We had to customer meetings booked for today, both were cancelled.

I have changed a lot of habits, but now I really need to do my 20 gold calls each day as mentioned in my DMP. Today I did 14 calls.

Then I need to get my sleeping habit according to my DMP, my IBS challenging me.


Now, visit my mother and then to the gym.

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