okt 12

Week 3 – MKE – the end of wasting time

Yesterday was a different day with an unparalleled efficiency. Daytime I worked at my business partners office. We finished at about 6 PM. He went to the gym and so gave me a lift to Täby Centrum. I visited my very dear old mother at her retirement home. I stayed there for about two hours. Then i bought some groceries and took a walk home. I did my readings and exercises, packed my backpack with gymwear, prepared my breakfast and then went to be at 11.10 PM.
This is amazing, I dit not waste a single minute of time on meaningless activities. Today, again a day at the office, visited my mother, then a short gym training and a walk home. I have had some sandwiches with sardines and ate porridge. Then i re-wrote my DMP and it really feels much more inspiring to read now. I have been processing my DMP re-write in my head all week, thinking, how shall I get this right? Finally it is done, let’s see what my guide has to say about it. His feedback has been really useful.

I am doing all my readings, oh gosh i still have to do my MK lesson and final GS and DMP before i get to bed and it is one hour past midnight here in Sweden. It will be very quick reads!

Funny, the last read of GS in the evening, gives me a special rush of energy.

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