Månatligt arkiv för oktober 2018

okt 25

Week 5 – MKE – the power of action

This will be a very short post. It is 11.30 pm. Last night I got to bed 1.20 am. I have been working today at my business partners office. Then I visited my mother at the retirement home. Bought some groceries. Then i read my Master Key and did a very short sit, not to …

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okt 19

Week 4 – MKE – moment of truth

I keep on doing all my exercises and readings. A couple of times I have felt a rush of enthusiasm trough my mind and system, but… Long time bad behaviours catch me up. I can not understand what I have been doing for the last two years. The sales in my business has been disastrous, …

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okt 12

Week 3 – MKE – the end of wasting time

Yesterday was a different day with an unparalleled efficiency. Daytime I worked at my business partners office. We finished at about 6 PM. He went to the gym and so gave me a lift to Täby Centrum. I visited my very dear old mother at her retirement home. I stayed there for about two hours. Then …

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okt 03

Week 2 – MKE – challenges…

I am in week 2 of my (third) Master Key Experience. This time I am doing a good start, doing all my readings and tasks. Writing this blog post on wednesday, well on time before deadline, is also establishing a good and new habit. Please note, I am watching my language here, not mentioning the …

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