Månatligt arkiv för mars 2018

mar 18

Week 24

My mother is now recovering, but it has been a very tough period. I’ve spent hours at the hospital. I have to catch up some stuff, watch the replay of last webinar and get back to the readings. Now bedtime!

mar 09

Week 23 shortest post

This week has been very tuff. My 95 year old mother has been very ill, on monday I had to call an ambulance for her. Now she is much better but still in hospital and I am not sure she will be able to return to her apartment. As usual I have been in bed …

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mar 03

Week 22 – Determination

Again, slept to few hours this week, to late in bed. But today friday I had a wonderful day, started to work from my home office and made eight gold calls, before lunch. My best friend sent me a link to the video with the inspirational speech from Wall Street Wolf with Leonardo Dicaprio, instructing …

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