feb 23

Week 21 some more progress

I am still off the teve and have reduced my time on Facebook to a minimum. I also realized that answering to messages, text, whatsapp, messenger or other chat forums, is stealing to much time. Now I have cut a lot of that off too, I can reply in the evening or later.

It was really wonderful to receive a customer payment this week and pay some late invoices and get rid of that to worry about. Yesterday I made 13 gold calls and today 11, that is not good enough, but I am on my way to the goal 20 calls each work day.

That’s all for this post. I will do my daily readings and the MK lesson and then bedtime, it is almost 11 pm: I need to get out of my vicious circle, which is go to bed to late, get ut to late, the meals and dinner to late, then again bedtime to late. My DMP says 10 pm four days a week! To be manifested!!!

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