feb 17

Week 20 – In him we live and move and have our being

This weeks Master Key lesson is one of those that has had the strongest impact on me. It is just amazing stuff, about the power of our thoughts and our being. It gives you some inspiration, when you begin to understand that you are God and not the voice in your head!

”We can live more abundantly every time we breath, if we consciously breathe with that intention.” Our thought is so powerful, it is the most amazing tool in the Universe!

Thursday (yesterday) was a magic day. I got up in the morning, did my daily meditation for 30 minutes, then breakfast. After that i did some prospecting calls from my home office (kitchen table) before I took the bus to my business partners office, which is his mothers company. Before that I passed the Super Market to pick up some groceries. They have a machine, where you can check the amount available on your membership credit card. I had 360 SEK (Swedish kronor) available. There was also a tab for digital bonus coupons. I have seen it before, but never bothered to check it, but now I did and I had a bonus coupon worth 400 SEK! So i could buy a lot of organic groceries. How come I checked the coupon tab this time? Probably, the reading of Greatest Salesman ”I live this day as if it is my last” has made som impact on my ”subby” and instead of just doing things, I was awake, amazing! Then me and my business partner had a very productive work day until 7.30 PM, then he gave me a lift home with my groceries. At home I read the Master Key lesson (above mentioned) and I laughed all the time, about how amazing this stuff is and what a miracle it is to be a human being. When I laugh this way, it is usually a sign of a crack in my ego and that I am in contact with my true self, my higher self or soul.

So right now I am in the flow. Today again i took the bus to my business partners office and stopped by at an other Super Market to buy three items. I told the cashier, that I have som coins and will pay the rest of it with my credit card. I put the coins in the machine that counts them and pulled up my credit card. But I didn’t have to use it, the amount was exactly the cost of the three items. What must be the statistic probability for a thing like this to happen? It was just like a message from the Universe; ”Everything works smoothly for you.”

My business partner has been very busy, but today we could finish a website and invoice the customer. So next week I will finally have som cash flow and I can pay my bills and do some fun stuff, as said in my DMP, go to the movies!

This work day with my business partner yesterday, really helped my to visualize my sales goal (DMP) for 2018 which is 2.000.000 SEK. Now I really know I will make it happen and from having been broke an miserable for almost ten years I will become a rich man, thanks to the Master Key Experience and reprogramming my subconscious mind! Our business is a gold mine and now, finally I have started to dig.

I have been going to seminars with Anthony Robbins and other great speakers, going to lectures, reading books, got coaching, but I never ever managed to get out of my self destructive habits. Now I understand why, it was my addiction to the negative peptides and now I am reprogramming and it is happening now!!

Thank you Mark and all staff and members of the MKE!! The best years of my life are still to come!