feb 09

Week 19

This will be a very short blog post. Today I had to visit an orthopedic doctor, I had received a referral to an emergency reception. So I had to wait for hours. While waiting I read Bruce Kings ”Phsycho Selling” an amazing book. Slowly I am getting better habits, reading sales books ten minutes each work day is in my DMP, not doing it daily yet, but a couple of days a week.

So there was no work for me today, but luckily my business partner texted me now, that he will work a couple of of hours tomorrow at the office and that he could pick my up by car att 11 am. I gratefully accepted. We have some websites to finish, so we can invoice the customers next week and I finally can get some cash flow again and will definitely be out of my worst financial challenges.

I am still off the teve, but there has been to much time spent on chat forums and facebook. So on two days this week I was almost completely off that and that really inspired me. Unfortunately, this evening I had a setback spending to much time on FB. But now I have done all my readings and soon written this blog post and it is ”only” 11 pm, soon I will be in bed. So I will feel energized tomorrow.

This weeks Master Key is really inspiring, last week I think it was difficult to understand.