feb 03

Week 18

Today a good days work, I made 15 gold calls, in my business. The daily number is going in the right direction, only five from my DMP goal, 20 calls each work day. The last call i made one minute to 5 PM, no answer. Short moment later the CEO called me back. Thank you for returning my call, i said and told him this is a sales call, can you talk two minutes, so we can find out if our offer could be profitable for your company. What is it about, he asked. We want to help you make better business deals with a better homepage. Well, he said, call me on thursday, things are a bit calmer then. Amazing, one minute to 5 PM! At lunch break, according to my DMP, I did ten minutes reading Bruce Kings book ”Gold Calling”. An amazing book on sales.
After work I had a nice, quick and tuff gym training. I just read the Master Key and now I am writing my weekly blog post. Just so tired I had problems not falling a sleep reading the MK lesson.

Tuesday we met with the choir. I thought, shall I skip the spring season, do I have time, doing the MKE and other stuff. But I decided I have to live by intention, not by the clock and I also really need to do fun stuff.

I am still off the teve, which truly is a miracle!


Now it is to late again, soon 2 AM bed time.

Now I’ll just do the survey, somehow I got off the mailing list. Then my PIF, read my DMP and GS then go to bed.