Månatligt arkiv för januari 2018

jan 27

Week17 ?

jan 20

Week 17 – what did the MKE change so far?

What shall I write about in my blog post this week/today I thought. It is past midnight and the radio is playing ”Hotel California”. My DMP goal for my main business is to make 20 gold calls (cold calls) each work day. Tuesday to friday the result has been 9, 5, 3 and today friday …

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jan 11

Week 16 shift of energy

I’ve got a feeling…..as something really is happening, a change in my energy. My business partner and I visited a prospect on wednesday. After having done our presentation, the business owner said that she must talk to her husband (and business partner) before signing the order form. But then she decided to sign the form …

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jan 05

Week 15 – managing OCD

I started to work again yesterday, thursday afternoon making gold (cold) calls for my business. I went to the gym yesterday evening and unfortunately I was late in bed again, more than one hour past midnight, no good. But, I forced myself to get up early to work. In Sweden this day is only a …

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