Nov 18

Week 8 – What a difference a day makes!

Last week i put a service on my index card which I wasn’t sure I could manage and I did not. That was no good. But finally I finished it today. For weeks or more, I have been working my way trough this excel file with, in total, thousand prospects, that nearly killed me, you work and work on, but never get to the end. I had to choose which prospects that are worth calling. I thought, I really must finish it today, so my business partner can download the prospects I have chosen into the Super Office CRM system.

So today I worked lika a maniac with 100% focus allowing nothing to disturb med. Finally in the afternoon I had finished, feeling…satisfaction and liberation, yes I dit it, finally.

Then it was time for the next task. I had to redo my shapes, as i had misunderstood som parts. Luckily my business partner had to work over, but still, time was limited. I wrote my goals in the shapes in the word document and printed eight copies. I then quickly figured out the smartest way to print out the other versions.I printed out all copies just in time before leaving the office.

Feeling relief and satisfaction over this amazingly productive day, although tired after not having slept long and well enough last night, I thought it would be nice with a quick gym training to cleanse out all stress from the system. Said and done.

After that i bought some groceries and then heading home for an evening meal and now I am writing this blog post. I I have attached the shapes on strategic parts in my apartment, I feel the power of it!

I have not watched teve at all this week, that is great, really amazing!!

What a difference a day makes!!
It must have been one of the most productive days in my life. My performance today has been excellent and the reward is a rush of energy, enthusiasm and exileration, not to mention gratefulness. This is the taste of success! Despite the extremely serious financial challenges I am facing, a day like this I feel hope.

Isn’t it amazing how the Creator has has provided us with this simple but invaluable mechanism, when I do the right stuff I fell comfort, if I do the wrong stuff i feel discomfort. Why not listen to this intelligence?

I still need to adjust my sleeping habits, now it’s two hours past midnight, bedtime!


What a difference a day makes!


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  1. Monica Petersson

    I have read your resent blogposts and understand that you really have had some tough weeks. First of all; I am so sorry for your lost, and I hope you had a good talk with your mother, telling about the lost.
    What comes into my mind first is something that I have learned from tough times in my Life, and that is to never make any conclusions, or judgements about your past actions and doing with your facit at hand. If you do this you easily end up with thoughts like ”I should have known better” or many other ”should have’s”. It creates only feelings of guilt, like you got, or other bad feelings that drag you down. I learned the key of acceptance, yes easy to say, very hard to practice. But there it is all about, practice. Just accept that you didn’t call your cousin’s mother, because it was just so. The other thing that comes into my mind is forgiveness. We tend to be so hard on ourselves. Would you let another person that you care much about to be so hard on him/herself? Forgive myself was also one hard lesson I learned in life, because I had to. I had a situation for many years with no guidance at all and I made a lot of wrongs. I think the 7 laws of the mind are outstanding and also of great help to get through the Master Key Experience programme/course.
    I am glad that you finally finished your task and that you can celebrate now. I think you really are worth it!
    You are on your way and in your hand do you have your compass pointing out the direction you have decided for!
    If you like: Welcome to read my blog: https://emempemonica.wordpress.com

    1. Janne

      Thanks for your support! I will check your blog, but right now, i must write this weeks post and get to bed!

    2. Janne

      Thanks Monica, I will check your blog too!

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