Månatligt arkiv för oktober 2017

okt 24

Week 5 success patterns!

It is tuesday and I have written my Press Release, but honestly, as it is my second round on Master Key, I could use the one from last year, with some changes. I was inspired by one of the other students who also had participated in one of the previous MK:s. She shared in the …

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okt 21

Week 4 – progress and struggle

This day and yesterday (thursday) have been two really good days. I have been working at my business partners office and done good focused job. Still working trough my excel file with 1.000 prospects, approximately 40% done. Today I also made som cold calls, but I have been to the sales guru Bruce Kings seminars, …

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okt 14

Week 3 – the power of good habits

It is midnight on thursday and I am writing my blog post, as directed, published on thursday, on time, although local time is a couple of minutes past midnight. We are reading scroll one in the GS, Greatest Salesman and in essence, to me at last, the main thing, is about good or bad habits. …

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okt 04

Week 2 – breaking patterns, must remember blue rectangles

Today was a tough day, struggling with my business. But I kept working, did my readings, read the Master Key in the afternoon and then did the sit. My chore was to clean the windows in my apartment, that should have been done in spring. I almost regreted that i didn’t choose an easier chore. …

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