mar 24

Week 24 – MKE – Confirmation of MK!

This week my sleeping habits have become a little better. I have gone to bed around 11 pm, 11.15 pm or 11.30 pm. May be I now have understood what causes this bad habit, not letting go of the day that has passed. When I mastered my sleeping habits, my IBS will be better and, please note, I don’t write ”My OCD” but ”the OCD patterns” will be less manifest.

It is Amazing, this week I heard a broadcast on national swedish radio, about ”Döderhultarn”, Axel Robert Petersson, a swedish artist who lived 1868 – 1925. He made figures, wooden sculptures. For long time he was unknown, but later became famous. He had an exhibition in New York in 1913 and in San Fransisco and Chicago in 1915. He sculptured human beings and animals. It was said, that the sculptures of person were more real, than the persons in real life!

Very interesting is how he looked up on himself. He saw himself more like a psychic, than an artist. The sculptures he made ”came to him”, by divine inspiration, like information from a channeled higher intelligence. This is like it is described in the Master Keys, that each individual is a ”channel” manifesting the greater mind into our physical dimension. When a composer creates a greate piece of music, it is not the molecules in the brain creating the piece, the brain is only the receiver, for a greater intelligence using the individual as a channel.

mar 16

Week 23 – MKE – what now?

A bit late with this post. Still not well from my cold/infection. Wednesday was my birthday. So for saturday I invited a friend, my female cousin and my brother, who picked up our dear mother from the retirement home. I would liked to postphone it, but I thought, better ”Do it now”, then it is done. I forgot some groceries on friday, so I had to go to the store. I only had a bit more than two hours, until the guests would arrive, luckily I made a very simpel meal, lentil soup, bread and apples baked in oven.

It was amazing, what a positive effect it had to ”Do it now”, that is to say this weekend and not next. It gave me a flush of good energy!

mar 09

Week 22a – MKE – a dip down

It has been a heavy week, I really would have needed to work hard, but had to stay home and just rest. It is my third week with an infection/cold that wan’t go away, although I affirm ”I am whole….” and thinking of what is said in the Masterkey twenty-two, about visualization. So I have just been resting, wednesday and thursday I actually watched teve, but today it has been off. Those two days I missed most of my readings. Now before writing this post I read the MK, GS, BPB and my DMP, silently, doctors orders, need to spare my voice. Today I got off the destructive truck, I did some errands at home, toke waste, newspapers, packaging and glass to the garbage room. I visited my mother, gave her the alternative medicins and then did some shopping in a grocery store in Taeby Centrum. I got a bad feeling about my cold. My habit of constantly sleeping to little puts the immune system under pressure. It finally always ends with a cold….

So this is a vicious circle, if I don’t manage my sleeping patterns, I will never master my deamons or dragons. Now it is late again, 1.42 am, because I did my readings…. So there is always a conflict between the different parts of creating good every day living habits. Now, bed time!

mar 01

Week 22 – MKE – Some progress

This morning I felt really bad, my infection has gotten a bit worse and I slept really bad. But i had breakfast, shaved my head, took a shower and went bo my business partners office. I made 20 Gold calls (daily goal in DMP) and I registred 17 prospects in our CRM systsm (goal per work day = 4 prospects). I used a new script I have written, which feels much better. After that I can say I felt much better than if I had stayed at home to cure my infection. Then I went to the retirement home to visit my mother and stayed there almost until eight a clock. I tried not to breath or cough at her. At home I changed to cleen shets in bed and then logged in to my blog. To my frustration I found that some idiot hade hacked my blog and published a lot of posts. Now I have erased them and changed to a much safer password. It is good finally starting to reach some of my DMP and index card goals. Now bedtime, I really need to get to bed earlier, this infection is caused by bad sleeping habits which leads to a more poor immune system. Fixing my sleeping habit is crucial. I sleep well, but go to bed to late and sleep to few hours.

feb 23

Week 21 – MKE – Stand up

Om monday I and some other students finished a course Stand up for beginners. So this friday evening we performed in front of an audience which had paid for tickets. We all did very well. I am very satisfied with my performance. Just before entering the scene, we had an interesting discussion on being nervous. We came to the conclusion, that had we not felt nervous, had we not felt any tension, it would not have been fun!
Doing this course was part of my DMP. So thanks to the DMP and the affirmation ”Do it now!” I finally got i done. Tuesday and wednesday, working at the office I was in such a good mood. I have not been good at doing fun stuff in my life so this feels great. I have had some kind of infection in my body this week, so I am really exhausted, missed som readings this week, but will be back on my routines now.

feb 16

Week 20 – MKE – ops

Ops, I forgot my blog post yesterday. I worked at my home office, in the evening I went on a theater performance together with a friend. On my way home just before 10 pm, my dear mother called me from the retirement home. She told me she just had an attack of diziness, she has Meniere’s disease. I called the staff, but they said that they did not have her medicine available. I was really angry, w t f…. did the previous retirement handle her medicins careless. Any how, when an attack starts, it is important to get the medicine so it not gets worse. After several attempts not succeeding I contacted a private doctor. For a large sum of money she delivered the needed medication to the retirement home. But due to bureaucracy the staff refused to give her the medicin, so I took a taxi two a clock in the morning and gave my dear mother two tablets. Thank you my dear son, she said, she is so sweet. I was back home again at 3 am. I decided to skip my evening readings ant totally forgot the blog post which I am writing now. I have had a wonderful morning meditation, now I will do some errands and the go to the gym and visit my mother. Then back home an read the Master Key. I am so grateful, I finally could help my mother, but frustrating that people do not dare to make the right decisions but are more eager to follow a regulatory framework.

To be continued…..

feb 09

Week 19 – MKE – mixed feelings

I am going through a battle between contradicting intentions. I try to do all my readings and tasks. I want to take good care of my belowed mother, at her retirement home. She is 96 years old, but mentally very alert. She lived in her own apartment until march last year. I love her so much, but she also drives me nuts, with her complaining. I visit her every day, for two to three hours, that is a bit to much, but on the other hand, I don’t watch teve any more, since beginning of september. I do my gym training three times a week. I have been cheating a little on my meditation, need to get back to regular and full time, 30 minutes twice daily. About the conflicting, several days of this week I have been reading the Master Key last thing in the evening, every time I have almost been falling asleep, so the reading often has taken one hour, instead of ten/15 minutes. I have regretted that I didn’t skip the MK and got to bed on time. On thursday and friday, I have been at my business partners office before ten am, instead of lunchtime and that is good. I need to better my sleeping habits, go to bed at latest 10 pm, as stated in my DMP. I have serious challenges with the prospecting in my business. Only some days, yet, I reach my goal of 20 gold calls (cold calls) each work days, but I am doing on average, more calls than ever before, per day, but I am not succeeding with booking meetings. I have not booked a meeting for more than six months. The amount of calls, had this been a couple of years ago, I would have booked a lot of meetings. I don’t know if it has become more difficult, that the ”decision makers”/CEO:s have become more stressed/under pressure than ever, or is it something wrong with my calls? I am reading Bruce Kings ”Gold Calling” to better my skills. Luckily we have had som productions/orders to work with, so some cash in-flow has been created, thank God for that! People who tell ”Money is not important” they are really stupid! Is is so great to have some money in my bank account, I am so grateful. But with ”prospecting” and doing business it can be like the ”ketchup effect”, nothing, nothing, an the all. The really amazing stuff is that i am still off the teve and now starting to also get off the radio. I spend most of my work days at my business partners office, which helps med to be much more productive. The course ”Stand up for beginners” is really fun! But the times are challenging for me. Now read the GS, guy in the Glass and get to bed!

feb 02

Week 18 – MKE – Master minding

jan 26

Week 17 HJ – MKE – Persistence

I didn’t know what to have for a headline today, but then I thought in the Makeover, this weeks virtue for me is persistence. Right now I need that, to persist..

The day before yesterday I went to bed right after midnight, yesterday 11.15 pm, still need to improve. The days before the sleeping habits were disastrous. The wake up alarm this morning was set on 5.45 am. I opened the windows to let in fresh air, it was really cold outdoors, so very quickly I could close the windows. I made som herbal tea and then did my daily meditation for 30 minutes. I have been off a couple of days now, no good. After breakfast I took the bus to my business partners office. I made seven or eight gold calls. My best friend asked me if I wanted to join him on an AA meeting and have some dinner or coffee after in the city of Stockholm. That would be nice I replied. Before that I picked up som prescribed medicins at the pharmacy and then visited my dear mother at her retirement home, very shortly. She was again complaining about her anxiety. Today she had a massage and my brother took her for a walk, should have been a nice day. I thought that I need to recover from my codependency and let her be responsible for her life, I can not live her life for her. So I felt good about going to an AA meeting and most of all, to meet my best friend. We ate some salad and had som ”fika” (coffee or tea) and a very nice talk. Now I am writing this weeks blog post and it is late again 1.30 am and I am so tired, exhausted, I will just let go of everything and go to bed. I have been at the office a lot this week, but need to be more productive. I am behind in the schedule with some productions, the customers are complaining. So I need to work this weekend. But now, I will sleep……

The course start, stand up for beginners was delayed one week as they had to few students, but now it looks like it will start on monday. That will really be fun, I need to do more fun stuff in my life!

jan 18

Week 17 – MKE – some progress

It has been a very busy week, I have missed som readings, I have slept only five to six hours per night. I have to work harder with the MKE. I now have registred for a course stand up for beginners. It is written in my DMP ”January 2019”. I thought about this already 2017. But you know, it is so easy to think, I am a bit busy now, may be later and suddenly you find, that years have passed and you didn’t do it. Now I thought it will never ”be the right time”, so I registred and the course starts on monday evening. We will meet four mondays and then perform in front of a real audience, scary! 🙂 This will be so fun and I need to do more fun stuff in my life!!!

A small habit I finally got in place, is to register four prospects every work day (almost) in our CRM. Four is my DMP goal, but I often register six or seven. I really doesn’t take so much time, may be, ten or 15 minutes. But in the long run, it will make a huge difference in the results of my business. Only one day I made my 20 Gold calls, according to my DMP, but most days I make calls, and I soon will make 20 each work day. I must do this, to reach my sales goals for 2019 which is so large so it scares the ”shit out of me”, 2 M SEK. These are some small habits which I have installed, thanks to the MKE. Usually I think, ”I will do it tomorrow” and tomorrow I did not do it and you know. I miss some stuff some days, but every evening even if I am totally exhausted, I read my GS loud with enormous enthousiasm and also The Guy in the glass. This is really powerful before going o bed.

Well, that is this weeks post, published on time!

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